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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024

TrendBible Christmas Trends Report 2023

The deep and long-ranging implications of the pandemic mean that celebrating and being together with loved ones is a top priority for the holiday season in 2023. A time to reflect, heal and reconnect.

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TrendBible Christmas Festive Report 2023

Take a peak under the cover with these snippets:

"At a time of year that can feel pressured and overwhelming, narratives that support worrying less and creating healthy boundaries are so important"

"Time well spent’ is reassessed, with individuals looking to be liberated from rules and traditions; instead choosing to spend time in a way that brings happiness"

"Embracing fresh starts and hopefulness for the year ahead translates into joyful brights, season-less hanging decorations and playful typography in this non-traditional festive story"

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