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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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The On Demand Programme 2022

06 Feb 2022
  1. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Business as Unusual
    Futurview founder Karl McKeever will share his experience on how you can thrive in an era of unparalleled change.
  2. Inspiring Retail Stage
    How to use bold design in your store to make impact

    Top tips for building and impactful window display, working with bold colour and patterns in your store.

  3. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Retail View: Transforming retail with the community in mind
    Discover how the team at Yarton Home and Garden turned their business around by building closer links with the community, and made Twiggy a bit of an icon!
07 Feb 2022
  1. Inspiring Retail Stage
    2023 Home and Lifestyle Trends
    Kate Usher at TrendBible uncovers consumer behaviours and lifestyle choices for 2023.
  2. Inspiring Retail Stage
    How do you know who you are doing business with?
    What are some of the simple things to look for when you start to do business with a new supplier? How can you be sure who you're really doing business with
  3. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Interior Design the Billie Faiers' Way
    TV Presenter and brand founder Billie Faiers shares her passion for interiors.
  4. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Magic Marketing and Mindsets
    A brief selection of the ways you can influence the behaviour of your customers both online and in-store.
  5. Inspiring Retail Stage
    The Greatest Christmas Awards
    The GTN's Greatest Christmas Awards bring the industry together to celebrate great work over the festive season.
08 Feb 2022
  1. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Gifting Trends for 2023
    Kate Usher at TrendBible provides vital insight into the key trends impacting consumers.
  2. Inspiring Retail Stage
    The Power of Pop-Ups
    Can pop up retail experience rejuvinate the high street?
  3. Inspiring Retail Stage
    How truly empowered leadership delivers really great team work
    Anna Berry shares how you can get the most out of your team
  4. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Dare to Change
    Hear from the man who has helped Selfridges, Fenwick, Primark and Harrods thrive...
  5. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Embracing Change
    Join this session to explore practical tools that will help you to embrace change in business and grow.
09 Feb 2022
  1. Inspiring Retail Stage
    Supporting your people in order to thrive
    Join our charity partner The Retail Trust for this important session exploring the ways in which retail colleagues should be supported.
  2. Inspiring Retail Stage
    A Buyer's Life
    Top Tips on what both buyers and suppliers need for success.

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