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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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Meet new buyers who want to talk business with you

Via Curated Meetings

Curated Meetings are short, pre-scheduled in-person conversations with retail purchasers based on mutual interest to explore new business together.

By joining Curated Meetings, you get:

- Ten 15-min meetings with new buyers pre-screened to ensure budget and purchase responsibility

- Each paid meeting gains you 1-on-1 access to buyers with an average £330,000 budget responsibility

- Direct access to decision-makers actively seeking new products

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Confirmed Buyers

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Registration for Curated Meetings @Spring Fair is now open

Curated Meetings


10x 15 min efficient meetings with new buyers who have seen your stock online and want to talk products and do business


High ROI: Access to buyers averaging £330,000 budget responsibility


Risk-free paid meetings: Any meetings that don’t take place due to buyer availability will be fully refunded


72% of brands surveyed had or expected orders within three weeks of holding Curated Meetings

How Curated Meetings work

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What Brands Say About Us

  • These are buyers I wouldn't been able to get in touch with without this. I think that this program could really help my business expand into areas that I haven't got into yet and meet buyers that I haven't seen before.
    Maddie Chambers,
    Founder & Artist, Also the Bison
  • Really good job of showing off everybody's products. The setup looks great.
    Lisa Raynor
    Account Manager, Craft Buddy Ltd
  • It's been dedicated time to a set buyer, I haven't been interrupted by other people coming into the stands. I've had two meetings so far, and I've had two orders, which is great... it's just a more efficient use of time.
    Kat Paterson-Brown
    Owner & Designer, Lola & Blake
  • I do love exhibiting at trade shows, being at the stand and meeting all those that come by, but definitely this is a more targeted approach and feels like a better use of my time.
    Cherith Harrison
    Owner & Designer, Cherith Harrison
  • Curated Meetings is a really good way to know that you're guaranteed to see buyers.
    Hele Wetz
    Co-Founder, Avery Row
  • It's certainly opened up new avenues and given us new opportunities to meet a new type of client.
    Matt Daines
    Sales Director, Screenwords
  • It's a good opportunity to get in front of buyers who wouldn't necessarily be able to pick up on you at a trade show where it's very, very busy.
    Peter Capewell
    Key Accounts Manager, Nemesis Now
  • This is a great way to see a lot of people in a short period of time, and benefit from the all the targeted work that you did up front.
    Tracey Sarwar
    MD, Collective inspirations
  • I've seen four people so far, three will result in some business. One word to describe Curated Meetings - successful
    Clive Saunders
    Sales Director, Alexander Thurlow
  • It's great that the buyers already know that they're interested in my products. That saves a little bit of time. I've already received one order and two potentials. One word to describe Curated Meetings - opportunity
    Shannon Murphy
    Owner & Designer, Made by Shannon
  • The buyers I met were all looking for something new, and they hadn't dealt with us before. New business, we've booked for Spring!
    Helen Marshall
    Sales & Development, Walton & Co
  • I think it's a terrific initiative that allows us to meet people that are genuinely already interested in our enterprise. It saves a lot of time, cuts to the chase and allows us to meet like minded people on the same wavelength. It's allowing us to broaden our scope for customers and has been enormously valuable.
    Andrew Humphries
    MD, Memory Lane
  • I met some small, independent gift shops, and then a couple of bigger ones that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen, but actually I think will be really good. I have been pleasantly surprised, and we are 100% going to get new orders.
    Julie Macken
    MD, Neve's Bees
  • I've had the opportunity to meet companies who I never would have had the opportunity to meet and to talk with them. It's been quite inspiring because it's given me a sense of what could be come of the business.
    Chenl Graver
    Owner & Designer, Nelly Makes
  • I'm quite a small fish in a big pond and I actually thought it was absolutely brilliant, exceeded my expectations.
    Lizzie Martell
    Owner, Lizzie Martell Illustrations

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