Pathway to Sustainability

Pathway to Sustainability

Spring and Autumn Fair has partnered with Products of Change to create a set of whitepapers to assist your journey to operating a more sustainable, ethical, and regenerative business.

The aim of these whitepapers is to provide you with the tools to build action within your business, and together reduce our collective impact over the next eight years across industry.

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Products of Change is a global, educational hub aimed at driving sustainable change across consumer product markets and beyond by bringing together a strong community of brand owners, retailers, content creators, innovators, manufacturing partners, and marketing experts to learn and connect through the platform.

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01 - Pathway to Sustainability

Pathway to Sustainability’ showcases how to set your ambitions through the structure of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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02 – Green Claims Code

Legislation – Why do we need policy? The United Nations’ 17 SDGs, UNEP, COP27, the 2015 Paris Agreement, or the Kyoto Protocol; we hear about these frequently in the media and, at best for day-to-day businesses, they seem distant, out of reach, and way above my pay grade.

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03 -  Trends: Sustainability

Greenwashing – the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company’s products or services are more environmentally sound – has become the big ‘no no’ in sustainability messaging.

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04 – Circular Economy

The conscious consumer: Insight on our generation of sustainable shoppers. Understand The narrative around sustainability on the high street is – if anything right now - a little fragmented.

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05 – Legislation

We have decoupled utility from cost and built a global economy that is consumptive andextractive by design. What is the circular economy, and why should you care?

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