08 Jan 2020

Beauty Trends for 2020

Beauty Trends for 2020

Newness and the beauty industry go hand in hand. Every year, new trends and innovations shape the beauty products that will be sold that year. For 2020, inclusivity will be more important than ever, personalised products will step it up a notch, sustainability and ethical beauty is vital, amongst others. Take a look at some of the 2020 beauty trends that consumers are getting excited about.


After an outcry from consumers, beauty brands are making further efforts to be inclusive in their offering. Beauty brands need to expand their offering to under-represented communities. This will include stocking foundations in a broader range of shades, using models of all shapes and sizes in commercial shoots, and ensuring there is no boundaries because of somebody’s gender. Age inclusion is also an important element that beauty brands need to, and will be, addressing.

Beauty Trends 2020


Sustainable retail has been evident throughout the industry in the last few years with sustainable spend increasing tenfold in the UK in the last ten years. Sustainable packaging and products is a 2020 beauty trend that is only getting stronger. Some brands like Lush, are removing packaging altogether.

Animal testing is also a concern for beauty consumers. They want to know where the products they are using are coming from and if any animals or people are harmed in the process. Beauty brands that ban animal testing and ensure their products are made in ethical conditions will reap the benefits in 2020 and in the coming years.


In the past, beauty consumers have been satisfied with a simpler cleanse, tone, and moisturise skin routine. Nowadays, cosmetic companies need to have a more diverse offering of products including serums, vitamin infused products, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and more. The increased demand for skincare products will bode well for brands looking to expand their offering and increase sales.


A 2020 beauty trend is taking a more personal approach to consumer’s beauty products. This includes swab testing for bacterial analysis and DNA to receive products best suited to their genetic make-up. Beauty technology is also being used to personalise products including apps to track product progress and photo analysation of skin condition. Proctor and Gamble are launching a wand in 2020 that will identify individual skin imperfections and only apply makeup to those areas to avoid product wastage.

2020 Beauty Trends

Transparent Beauty

Transparent beauty is another beauty trend for 2020 that has a lot of popularity. Consumers want to know how harmful chemicals in products that they are using are to their skin, body and the environment. They will not stand for misleading information and are calling for clearer definitions of what is considered safe and clean.

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