18 Dec 2019

5 Manufacturers to Source your Private Label Products

5 Manufacturers to Source your Private Label Products

The private label market is continuously growing around the world as retailers are realising the advantage of producing their own brand products. If you are looking to expand your offering through private label, Spring Fair is bringing the international market to the UK in the brand-new Sourcing sector.


Colorway Graphics

If you are looking for garments and materials, Colourway Graphics will do everything you need to produce your products. Come to them with a design and they will print, cut, and sew your private label goods to your specifications. They are based in the United Kingdom and have production sites in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, so no matter where your company is based, they will have a factory close to you.

Sourcing Apparel


Ningbo Hearty Import & Export Co

Ningbo Hearty Import & Export Co are making a big name for themselves in the Chinese industrial market. They are a manufacturer with a big rapport of importers and exporters from all over the world. Ningbo Hearty specialise in stationery including notebooks, pencil cases, ring binders, school bags and more. They are the perfect manufacturer for retailers looking to expand into their own private label stationery or back to school range.

stationery manufacturers


Genius Textiles

If home textiles is an area you need to improve your own brand products in, Genius Textile produces everything from bed sets and sofa covers to curtains and blankets. They are a leading home textile exporter from Pakistan that have a high calibre, are technically innovative and are fully devoted to their customer’s satisfaction.

textile manufacturer


Qingdao Joys Home Houseware

Qingdao Joys Home Houseware was founded in 2014 in Chine. They are a customer-oriented manufacturer that pay close attention to the quality of the products they produce. They specialise in house and kitchen supplies. The manufacturer has a sustainable offering for retailers looking for eco-friendly alternatives to housewares that protect raw materials and are 100% biodegradable.

sustainable manufacturer


Weidong Jewelry

Weidong Jewelery was founded in 2001 and they now have a wide variety of stylish jewellery. Their products include pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and bangles. Their products are sold all over the world and they are ranked on top for production scaled, annual turnovers, and cost performance strategy.

Jewellery manufacturers

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