29 Aug 2018

Trend Decoded: Colour, moving from 2019 into 2020

Trend Decoded: Colour, moving from 2019 into 2020

Colour is a vital part of any trend and understanding how trend spotters like WGSN predict, with such accuracy, which 2019 pantone colour trends will flood into stores, and help sell  products in large quantities, is useful when trying to understand what to stock and how to display.

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Macro trends, like SS19’s common ground, come from looking at, and understanding, how people are likely to feel in their current political and socio economic environment. Brexit is set to ensure that in Europe 2019 will be a year of political, social and actual separation.  2019 is set to be a year of turbulence, change and division.

In times like this, people generally look for calm and togetherness. Common ground is inspired by the need for people to still feel connected, to each other, and to their environment. So how does colour translate into this movement? Well SS19 its clear to see when we look at the core palettes that they are full of warmth and complimentary tones, but underlying in these tone is light. There is nothing overly serious, and even the accent colours are complimentary rather than deeply dark and contrasting.

colour palette CG

The earth tones will really anchor this palette, with the bright nature of the marigold yellow, to the tan brown in the roasted pecan, the contrasting colours are the warmth in the iron red and the wild aubergines. It wouldn’t be an earth palette without the leafy tones in the greens, and the aquatic quality in the blues. One overarching thought becomes clear, these 2019 colour trends are familiar, comforting and connected, to each other through their environmental connotations. They will offer a real appeal across all markets and retail categories.

So what does this mean as we move from 2019 into 2020 and how colour will be influenced when we move into calmer waters ( hopefully)?

What will change from 2019 colour trends to 2020?

In 2020 WGSN’s Light Magic macro trend brings a very different feel to colour. As the dust settles generally and people become happier with their status quo, their imagination comes back out to play. Building on the earthy tones and environmental connotations of common ground, light magic see’s us embrace the imagination and the extraordinary in nature. Light Magic  brings an element of fantasy and imagination into interiors. Think natural structures and organic patterns.

From a colour perspective we will see an entirely different palette of contrasts emerge. We will still see the warmth in the tones, when we look at the mystic green and the carnelian red. However much like nature we will see far more balance between light and dark. Light magic is all about contrast for example the moonstone violet and the nightfall hues, or more glaringly, the carnelian red against the neutral tones of himalayan salt.

Light magic colour palette














So what can we expect in terms of 2019 colour trends moving into 2020, and how they will be used? Were as common ground is all about simplicity, connection and compatibility. Light magic see’s us move into intricacy, contrast and, for want of a better word a little more magic. We will see textures and patterns take advantage of the rich contrasts in these colours. We will see these contrasts either starkly put against each other, or blending in fabrics. Light magic will offer up lots of opportunities for striking displays and eye catching window displays.

One thing is for certain the 2020 colour palette will perhaps give an opportunity to move away from the neutrality and simplicity of common ground, and as people start to explore whatever 2020 brings to them, light magic will help fuel the imagination in store.


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