30 Aug 2018

SS19 Trends Decoded: Patterns, Prints, and Textiles

SS19 Trends Decoded: Patterns, Prints, and Textiles

When we look at SS19 nature inspired prints and patterns  take centre stage. Taking direction from colour palettes that reflect watery blues, leafy greens, sunshine like yellow tones, natures touch will be unmissable in 2019.

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Pattern trends 2019

With 2019 set to be a year of uncertainty in Europe the key to understanding what will drive pattern trends in 2019 is to appreciate that consumers will be looking to recreate a simpler, slower atmosphere within their homes and décor. As people look for connections and simplicity, sustainable and natural will move into the consumer spotlight.

As they are drawn to recreating a simple, familiar, sanctuary within their homes we will see the natural colours influence the types of patterns, prints and textures that will really drive sales.

Key Directions

Wild blooms: When it comes to patterns and prints there are a number of key directions to look out for. In keeping with a rural lifestyle, patterns will look to wild flower prints, and light simple, floral, patterns will give an almost whimsical feeling to soft furnishings and interiors. Wild blooms will not just be seen in fabrics, but look for this key pattern in ceramics and decorative accessories.

floral patterns

Weave patterns: In keeping with a demand for natural feeling fabrics and textures we will see weave patterns emerge next year. Be this in textures or print, we will see both neutral tones and globally inspired weaves become popular in store.


Minimal markings: However, we will not see everything pattern wise head for the country, and not everything minimal and modern will be discarded. We will see eyelet and fragmented patterns also come to the fore, as people look to simple patterns and textures with broad appeal.

modern markings


As we have seen with the earthy, natural tones that SS19 brings it should come as no surprise that when it comes to textiles and accessories we should be looking for light lacework, rustic yarns and simple elements and textures. Textiles will have a natural, rustic feel and reflect the imperfect qualities that consumers will be looking for. The hand crafted, weave like textures, and light lace details really dominate the textiles in SS19.

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