Shining a spotlight on licensing talent: B&LLA 2024 Awards

Shining a spotlight on licensing talent: B&LLA 2024 Awards

At the late end of April, the Spring & Autumn Fair team was a sponsor for the prestigious Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. The event was splendidly opened by the inspiring British fashion icon Jeff Banks, setting the stage for an evening of celebration and industry camaraderie. Jeff Banks captivated the audience with his tales of growing up in the retail and licensing industry, offering invaluable insights gleaned from his decades of experience. His parting words resonated deeply with attendees, emphasising the importance of belief in the products we bring to market. "Whatever you do, do you believe in the product? Will you use it? Will others love it just as you do?" These poignant questions served as a powerful reminder of the passion and authenticity that underpins successful brands. 


Banks further shared wisdom on the importance of choosing licensing partners wisely, urging businesses to honour their partnerships. "Honour your partner – choose your licensing partners well. You are building this together; you must honour your partner and enjoy it," he advised, stressing the collaborative nature of successful ventures. 


Engagement with customers emerged as another cornerstone of Banks' message, as he urged industry professionals to delve into consumer desires. "Engage with the customer and divulge what they really want. The consumer actually wants," he remarked, highlighting the crucial role of customer feedback in shaping product development and brand strategies. 


 In a light-hearted nod to his own past experiences, Banks also underscored the necessity of legal support in navigating the complexities of business. "Get a good lawyer," he quipped, drawing chuckles from the audience. His tongue-in-cheek reference served as a gentle reminder of the importance of legal counsel in safeguarding against potential pitfalls. 


 Hosted by Cally Beaton, the awards ceremony was attended by over 400 retailers, licensees, and brand owners, creating an electric atmosphere of community and excitement. The awards lunch dazzled attendees with the announcement of winners across 22 categories, each accolade a testament to excellence in brand and lifestyle licensing. Following the ceremony, the celebrations continued with a lively cocktail reception, providing a platform for networking and connection that extended long into the evening. 


 A huge congratulations to all the winners of the 2024 B&LLAs. Take a look at the winners per category: 


The B&LLAs Rising Star Award (sponsored by Licensing International): 
Oliver Gilding, exclusive brands manager, Iceland Foods. 






Best Brand Licensed Fashion Accessories or Lifestyle Product or Range

Mr Potato Head Collection from Anya Hindmarch, a fashion brand known for its luxury, organisation-obsessed accessories, as well as groundbreaking work in sustainability and its playful experiential retail concepts. Transferred from the toybox to the front rows of Fashion, Mr Potato Head became a bone-fide style icon thanks to Anya Hindmarch’s collection. 


Best Brand Licensed Food or Beverage Product or Range  

Nadiya x Schwartz Recipe Kits and Seasonings from McCormack & Company, an American food company specialising in spices, seasoning mixes and flavouring products. This product line included recipe kits, tasty recipe mixes, and versatile seasonings, all made with quality Schwartz herbs and spices. 


Best Brand Licensed Health & Beauty Product or Range

Hawaiian Tropic Tropi-cool Cooling Mists Collection from Designer Parfums, a brand that has a strong portfolio of prestige and mass fragrances and beauty products in the fashion, lifestyle and celebrity segments a collection. Their Hawaiian Tropic Tropi-cool Cooling Mists Collection offers refreshing and tropical-inspired cooling mists embodying all that summer dreams are made of. 


Best Brand Licensed Adult Apparel Product or Range

Coca-Cola Motosports Collection for Primark from Brand Alliance,  experts in design and manufacturing across multiple sectors of the Fashion Industry. Their creative team worked closely with the Primark team and Coca Cola to achieve this strong on trend Motosports range. 


Best Brand Licensed Gifting Product or Range

Keith Haring Collection from Caran d’Ache, Switzerland's sole manufacturer of pencils, fine-arts materials and luxury Writing Instruments, and the symbol of technical excellence, precision, reliability and innovation. This unique stationery line features designs by New York pop artist Keith Haring. Known for celebrating art and universal love, his drawings are a symbol of their shared values. This collaboration marks a groundbreaking encounter between La Maison Caran d'Ache and an artistic icon. 


Best Brand Licensed Homewares, Kitchen & Tabletop Product or Range

Morris & Co Tableware from Spode. When two British heritage style icons collaborate, great things happen. Spode’s perfectly giftable afternoon tea collection features iconic patterns from Morris & Co.’s archive in on-trend colourways for the ultimate mix and match collection. 


Best Brand Licensed Children’s Product or Range
Laura Ashley SS23 Collection for Mamas & Papas, a much-loved baby brand with more than 30 stores across the UK. 

The collaboration between Laura Ashley and Mamas & Papas brings together two beloved brands to create a range of exquisite pushchairs, baby clothing, nursery interiors, and keepsake toys, all adorned in iconic prints that have stood the test of time. 


Best Brand Licensed Electrical &/or DIY Products or Range

Laura Ashley China Rose Appliances from MY VQ, and award-winning British brand that believes in the fusion of Sound & Style. A collection was made featuring Laura Ashley’s Classique and chic China Rose print.   


Best Brand Licensed Home Decor Product or Range
Natural History Museum Collection from Dunelm, British home furnishing retailer. 

Dunelm has created their Natural History Museum Collection in collaboration with London’s Natural History Museum. This collection takes inspiration from the UK’s diverse landscape from shore to moor.  


Inspired Innovation Brand Licensed Product or Range Award:

House Beautiful Fitted Bedroom Furniture Collection from Homebase, British home improvement retailer. This collection was created to allow customers design a bespoke configuration and add a whole new dimension to their bedroom.  


The Sustainability Brand Licensed Product or Range Award

Van Gogh Museum Sneaker Collection from Cariuma. The sustainable sneaker brand CARIUMA and the Van Gogh Museum created an award-winning collection that celebrates the beauty of nature, displaying immense beauty of our planet.  






Best Fashion Retailer of Licensed Brand
Primark, the Irish multinational fast fashion company with outlets across Europe and the United States. 


Best Department Store or Mixed Retailer of Licensed Brand
Boots, health and beauty and pharmacy chain operating in the United Kingdom. 


Best Supermarket of Licensed Brand
Iceland, British supermarket chain mainly focusing on selling frozen and pre-prepared food.  


Best Specialist Retailer of Licensed Brand   
DFS, a furniture retailer in the United Kingdom, Sain and Ireland specialising in sofas and soft furnishings. 






Best Licensed Heritage or Institution Brand

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is not just a repository of Vincent van Gogh's masterpieces but also a homage to his life and works, featuring an extensive collection of his paintings, drawings, and letters. The museum offers visitors a unique insight into the artist's tumultuous life and his revolutionary contributions to the world of art. 


Best Licensed Lifestyle Brand




House Beautiful magazine has been an authority in the realm of interior decorating for decades, offering readers inspiration and advice on creating beautiful and functional living spaces. With a focus on the latest trends, innovative design ideas, and expert tips, House Beautiful has remained a trusted resource for homeowners seeking to elevate their living environments. 




Best Licensed Design-led Lifestyle Brand

Laura Ashley's legacy in textile design spans over half a century, characterised by its timeless elegance and quintessentially British aesthetic. From floral patterns to classic prints, Laura Ashley's designs have adorned homes worldwide, reflecting a commitment to quality craftsmanship and enduring style. 


Best Licensed Food or Beverage Brand

Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur has been a beloved indulgence since its inception in 1974, blending rich Irish whiskey with luscious cream and a hint of cocoa and vanilla. Its smooth and decadent flavour profile has made it a staple in cocktails and desserts, symbolising the epitome of indulgence and luxury. 


Best Licensed Fashion or Talent Brand

Sara Miller London encapsulates a vibrant and whimsical approach to fashion and lifestyle, characterized by bold prints, vibrant colours, and intricate designs. With a focus on celebrating individuality and creativity, Sara Miller London's collections evoke a sense of joy and playfulness, appealing to those with an eye for distinctive style. 


Brand Licensing Ambassador of the Year 2024

Louise French, as the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Beanstalk, has played a pivotal role in driving innovation and growth within the brand licensing industry. With her extensive expertise and strategic vision, she has been instrumental in fostering collaborations and forging partnerships that have elevated the industry to new heights. Louise's dedication and leadership make her a deserving recipient of the Brand Licensing Ambassador of the Year award for 2024. 



This vibrant event not only honoured outstanding achievements but also served as a catalyst for industry reflection and inspiration, setting the tone for continued innovation and success in brand and lifestyle licensing. 

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