22 Feb 2024

Did you see the Keplin Café at Spring Fair?

Did you see the Keplin Café at Spring Fair?

The buzz around Spring Fair 2024 reached new heights with the new sponsor and exhibitor, Keplin Group; a seasoned player in the digital marketplace with a remarkable track record of crafting 17 successful digital brands. Serving as a sponsor for this year's event, Keplin brought a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to the Everyday sector.


Keplin’s Comprehensive Services

With over six years of industry expertise, Keplin Group is dedicated to helping businesses excel in today’s competitive digital marketplace. Keplin isn't just about products; they're introducing a fresh take on e-commerce. They offer a wide range of services such as design, import, storage, shipping and selling services across multiple sectors including household, garden, heating, cooling, pets, kids, and general everyday, seeing an exceptional growth in past years.


Success Story

Keplin kicked off as a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand in 2018 with just three staff members and has since soared to a £20m turnover and close to 50 staff.  For growing e-commerce businesses, Keplin's B2B services offer the scale needed for efficiency and maintaining profit margins.


Exceptional Debut at Spring Fair 2024

Keplin made a significant impact at Spring Fair 2024, constructing an extraordinary stand in the Everyday sector. Their passionate team of experts welcomed visitors by offering assistance with sourcing, product design, development, shipping, warehousing, marketing, and advertising.

                                                      Keolin Stand


Innovative Sponsorship

As a proof to their commitment, Keplin sponsored a Café at Spring Fair 2024 which received an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors. Providing an opportunity for buyers to take a break, meet the fantastic Keplin team and enjoy free drinks with the Keplin Happy Hour happening every day throughout the show.


Masterclass Session with Ray Qudos:

On top of all that their Digital & eCommerce Consultant, Ray Qudos held an insightful session in our Masterclass Studio, delving into the art of transforming positive feedback into influential testimonials to boost sales. Attendees had the chance to discover customer-centric strategies to ensure their brand not only meets but exceeds online consumer expectations.


According to Keplin Group -“As first-time exhibitors and a digital first business, we were unsure on how best to take advantage of the show. But the team at Spring Fair helped us craft a unique experience, with the Café, Master-Class talk, emails, blogs and social media collabs. We went all out with an engaging stand that drew amazing interest and the right audience to us! A great show and great results.”


"We are immensely grateful to Keplin Group for their generous support as both a sponsor and exhibitor at our upcoming Spring Fair show. Their commitment to innovation and excellence aligns perfectly with our vision, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have them on board. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to strengthen our partnership and create unforgettable experiences together. Here's to a bright future filled with collaboration and success!" - Soraya Gadelrab, Event Director

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