27 Nov 2018

Men’s health and wellness takes the spotlight

Men’s health and wellness takes the spotlight

Men’s health and wellness has been an emerging retail trend for a while now, but it’s in 2019 that the trend will step fully into the spotlight.

What’s driving the trend is an acknowledgement that when it comes to gifts the rule book, doesn’t work anymore - for women or for men. Everyone has a curiosity and a desire to explore a healthier, more holistic, life. In addition, self-care is now seen as an essential to many men, rather than an indulgence, which is driving a growth in licensed wellness products being developed for familiar brands. When Ted Baker developed the grooming room and a growing number of grooming products for men, it became clear this was not going to disappear.

Retailers can help men on their wellness quest by not only providing products, but also educating them in how to best use these new additions to their morning (and evening) routine.

The following list provides you with everything you need to know about stocking the wellness products most in demand - and how to market them to men.

Picture of a man's eye.

  • Step away from stereotypes - typical depictions of masculinity are not the way to promote men’s wellness products. Men don’t want to be defined any more rigidly than women do. Stocking and selling wellness products provides you with a unique opportunity to showcase a more inclusive idea of manhood.
  • Differences are welcome - we’re seeing a focus on diversity and inclusion in our wider culture. Remember this when choosing which brands to stock. Men will respond to a retailer who champions the very differences that make people so unique and interesting.


  • Focus on health - wellness is all about looking after the whole person. Market the men’s wellness products you’ll sell by showcasing how self-care takes into account physical, mental and emotional health.

Norse Hand Salve

  • Pampering products - men are embracing more than just cleansers and moisturisers. Delight your customers with unexpected products, such as serums, cuticle kits and creams and beard oils. Luxury shaving products are also a winner. It’s also worth noting that there has been consistent growth in the male cosmetic market since 2012 - and this growth is expected to continue until 2024.

Ted Baker products

  • Remember the teens - interest in gifts men like is not limited to one generation. Baby boomers, millennials and generation Xers are all waking up to the benefits offered by the wellness trend. However, it’s a smart move to provide a range(s) specifically for teens since they’re the male wellness customers of the future. Teen male wellness skincare is one of the biggest trends of 2018 and 2019, no doubt driven by Instagram.

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