The Masterclass Studio in Partnership with TikTok Shop

The Masterclass Studio in Partnership with TikTok Shop

We are thrilled to introduce the Masterclass Studio in partnership with TikTok Shop. Join free business solution masterclasses dedicated to helping you grow your retail business and discover TikTok’s latest retail benefits. Leading agencies including B Corp, Google, Avocado Social, Dalziel & Pow, and The Buyer and Retail Coach Ltd will take to the stage, presenting their expertise in TED-style talks on an array of topics; from new social media skills, buying best practices, radical retail technology, and conscious consumerism.


These sessions, dedicated to helping you grow your business, can be found right in the heart of Beauty & Wellbeing (Hall 3).


The partnership between TikTok Shop and Spring Fair underscores the evolving nature of retail. As e-commerce continues to thrive, collaborations like this pave the way for a future where digital and physical retail seamlessly coexist.


The TikTok Shop and Spring Fair partnership is not just a collaboration; it's a glimpse into the future of retail by offering insight into producing an authentic way for brands to connect with creators and communities, fostering growth and creating meaningful shopping moments. From entertainment-driven commerce to trusted creators and engaging communities, TikTok Shop transforms the shopping experience. By combining the innovation of TikTok Shop with the established network of Spring Fair, brands have an unprecedented opportunity to thrive in a retail landscape that is more dynamic and interconnected than ever before. This strategic alliance marks a paradigm shift, and businesses in the retail sector should be ready to embrace the exciting possibilities it brings.


“We are delighted to partner with Spring Fair this year. As the UK’s largest retail trade show, this gives us a unique platform to engage directly with the retail industry and share our entirely new way to authentically engage with creators and communities to grow their business. Spring Fair’s dedication to helping their customer’s businesses thrive provides an ideal event for us to collaborate and drive meaningful shopping moments across physical and digital retail.” - Ginny Major | Home & Living Category Manager | TikTok Shop


Joanne Spence, Head of Content, says “Collaborating with TikTok Shop has been a fantastic opportunity for us at Spring Fair. Not only are we gaining valuable insight into the future of digital retail, but to be able to share this with our audience and customers to help them thrive is ultimately why we do what we do.”


On-site at Spring Fair, you can immerse yourself in sessions that will provide invaluable insights and practical knowledge to boost your business using this revolutionary platform: Hear directly from TikTok Shop on stage, covering topics such as redefining social commerce, debunking myths about the platform, and providing fundamental tips on building authentic connections with your audience.


The full lineup can be found here.


Sessions you don't want to miss: 






So, get ready to join us at Spring Fair 2024, February 4-7, for an unforgettable experience. Our partnership with TikTok Shop and the Masterclass Studio promises to empower your retail journey in ways you never imagined. We can't wait to see you there as we embark on this exciting adventure together!

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