10 Jul 2019

How to: Market to Generation Z

How to: Market to Generation Z

Generation Z are soon to be the largest generation of consumers ever, so it’s important that brands and retailers know how to reach them. Generation Z years include anyone born after Millennials (1997). They are different than any consumer that has come before them because they’ve grown up in a technological world; even Millennials remember a time before smart phones. Brands need to stay relevant and up to date if they not only want to appeal to Generation Z, but all of the generations that will come after them. We’ve broken down this complex generation and have come up with the best ways to use marketing to reach Generation Z.


This generation spends hours online every day, so one of the best ways to communicate with them is on social media. Generation Z's social media habits are different to Millennials, so they shouldn’t be lumped together. A huge 61% of these consumers use social media every day, with another 20% using it multiple times a week (a shocking number when you consider most of them are still children). Their conversion rate is four times higher than millennials on social media platforms.

Their favourite social platforms are YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat with only 9% of them favouring Facebook. Almost all of them use YouTube (95%) with half of teenagers claiming they could not live without it.  Some of the bigger brands and retailers are realising YouTubes potential but the smaller ones aren’t jumping on the band wagon as fast as they should be.

While 75% of this Generation uses their phone to shop online, the conversion rate if higher on desktop. This is because they like to browse on their phone but make the purchase at a laptop or computer. It’s important for marketers to target both desktop and mobile for this reason.

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Start Young

Generation Z want to feel a connection to the brands they buy and the stores they shop in. If brands and retailers want to connect with them, they need to appeal to them from a young age. Generation Z are very loyal shoppers so the older they get the harder it is to convince them to change from one brand to the next. If retailers can appeal to these young consumers as early as possible, they are likely to appeal to them as they grow older and increase their spending power.

Personalise It!

It was predicted that the standardisation of products would be the way forward for any successful company in this globalised world, however, the opposite is the case. Consumers want products that are unique and that stand out. Generation Z use the clothes they wear and the products they own as a way to express their identity.

As the world becomes more globalised consumers are looking for more personalised items. This is also relevant to advertisements. Generation Z want personalised ads that will both entertain and inform them. They like ads that are tailored to them as it reduces search time and doesn’t annoy them. 

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Sustainable Practices

Generation Z have a very strong opinion on political and environmental matters. They believe in equality and fairness and they won’t stand back when they think something unjust is happening. They are very environmentally aware, and they are looking for brands and retailers that have that same mindset. They will spend more on products that are made ethically and sustainably, and they will boycott those that are not. Retailers that want to live into the future need to look at their supply chain and see what they can do to make their business more ethical.

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