19 Jan 2024

Explore global fashion: The must-see brands at Moda- your trusted fashion destination!

Explore global fashion: The must-see brands at Moda- your trusted fashion destination!

Moda, Spring Fair's trsuted fashion destination, provides an unparalleled platform for buyers seeking the latest in clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, and jewellery & watch collections. Elevating the fashion landscape, the Moda Catwalk unveils cutting-edge styles from innovative brands and designers, offering a front-row experience to the most sizzling trends.


Moda showcases a diverse and international range of fashion collections from renowned names like Lighthouse Clothing, Peace of Mind (POM), Saloos, Luella, Soya Concept, and Goose Island. In addition to these well-known brands, you'll be inspired by an array of authentic international fashion brands representing over 40 countries. Explore our carefully curated selection of must-see international brands below:



Enchante Silver (Stand: 2K44b)

Discover contemporary wearable art at Enchante Silver, where sterling silver jewelry adorned with high-quality gemstones reflects passion, education, and expert craftsmanship.



Beads Desired (Stand: 2K44a)

Indulge in Beads Desired's bespoke jewelry collection, featuring multi-metal designs with precious gemstones, creating unique pieces that showcase elegance and natural elements.

Beads Desired


Geppetto Leather (Stand: 3C40b)

Uncover meticulous craftsmanship with Geppetto's premium leather accessories. Balancing timeless allure with practicality, their handcrafted products cater to refined tastes and unique styles.



She's Crafty Zay Co (Stand: 3C40c)

Experience creativity from Pakistan with ZayCo's hand-embroidered accessories. Tote bags, pouches, keychains, and brooches tell stories through the skilled hands of women artisans.

Zay Co


Felir (Stand: 3C40a)

Immerse yourself in sustainable craftsmanship with FELIR, a Senegalese brand creating handmade clothing, home decor, handbags, and accessories. Each piece embodies heritage, elegance, and style.



Alice Wheeler London (Stand: 3C20)

Explore timeless accessories with vibrant colors and signature honeybee insignia in Alice Wheeler's Spring 24 collection—British design at its finest.

Alice Wheeler London


EMU Australia (Stand: 2G32)

Embrace natural comfort with EMU's sheepskin and merino wool creations. Explore sustainable fashion inspired by the Australian landscape.

EMU Australia Fall/Winter 24 Collection

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