19 Dec 2023

Designing for Tomorrow: The Future Collective's Visionary Takeover at Spring Fair 2024

Designing for Tomorrow: The Future Collective's Visionary Takeover at Spring Fair 2024

Embrace the future of design and sustainability at Spring Fair 2024 through our exciting partnership with The Future Collective! As the official trend partner of Spring Fair, the Future Collective brings a wealth of expertise and passion for design, innovation and future forecasting that go beyond the ordinary. Join co-founders Kate Shepherd and Matt Parry for daily insightful presentations on the Trend Talks stage, diving into topics such as evolving consumer behaviours, future retail trends and the design impacts revolutionising the retail landscape.

Sessions on Trend Talks:
Sunday 4th February at 1:00 PM "The Future of the Post-Commute Economy
Monday 5th February at 2:00 PM "The Future of Luxury Retail"
Tuesday 6th February at 2:00 PM "The Future Global Retail Trends"

Now in its third year, The Future Collective's Design for Better forum will be hosted on the Trend Talks stage at Spring Fair, with a focus on the retail industry. On Wednesday 7th February, The Future Collective stage takeover promises to be a celebration of designing in ways that are better for people, the planet and business. Co-hosting a series of engaging talks, panel discussions and creative workshops exploring the themes of circularity, sustainability and social cause.

Retail Design for Better will pull together a powerful mix of designers, retailers, storytellers and visionaries to the stage.

In a packed agenda, the co-founders of The Future Collective will be joined by a host of guest speakers who will share their unique stories and perspectives about treading a new path and creating positive change and impact. Including Nick Reed, the founder of the sustainable menswear brand, Neem London that is on a mission to produce the lowest carbon emitting shirt in the world. Along with Nick and Ali Munro, the pioneers of Butterfly, the first Indoor Air Quality monitor.

Matt Parry, Co-founder of the strategic design consultancy The Future Collective, comments, “It’s time for radical change and reinvention; equally it’s time to do the right thing. To instill new practices and find new ways. To give back and pay forward. To design with conscience and care. Designing for Better calls for a different approach to research, ideation and creation that is altogether more thoughtful. Combining Design Thinking, Futures Thinking and Systems Thinking, with an understanding of the real needs of people at the very core.”

Seating will be provided on a first come first serve basis for these exclusive sessions. This is a highly anticipated event, so please ensure you arrive early to avoid disappointment!

This is just a sneak peek of what’s to come on the Trend Talks stage. Stay tuned for the full schedule with more exciting speakers announced soon!



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