Your culture is your brand – HappyHQ’s FREE 2024 Culture trends report

Your culture is your brand – HappyHQ’s FREE 2024 Culture trends report

In a world where the corporate landscape is constantly evolving, culture stands at the epicentre of a company's triumph. Enter HappyHQ, a beacon of guidance in the quest to cultivate more enriching experiences for employees worldwide. HappyHQ isn't just another consultancy; it's a people-first culture movement, dedicated to empowering forward-thinking leaders in their mission to breathe life into their organisations' cultures.


At the helm of HappyHQ are Janine and Louisa, fervent advocates for people-first cultures and catalysts for change in the world of work. When they're not busy transforming companies into vibrant and engaging workplaces, they're sharing their wealth of insights and expertise through various mediums. From esteemed publications like Courier, Stylist, and Glamour to their chart-topping podcast series, Culture Shock, Janine and Louisa are dedicated to amplifying the voices of those revolutionising the workplace.


HappyHQ Trend Talks


During Spring Fair 2024, HappyHQ took the stage to deliver two compelling presentations:


1.)    How Gen Z is Reshaping the Way We Work: With Gen Z set to comprise 27% of the workforce by 2025, this thought-provoking session delved into how this generation is redefining the very fabric of work. From their unique work priorities to their impact on productivity and company performance, attendees gained valuable insights into reshaping traditional workplace paradigms to meet Gen Z's needs.


2.)    Supercharge Your Talent Retention Game in a Competitive Industry: Led by Sarah from I Love My Job and Janine from HappyHQ, this session offered proven techniques for retaining top talent in a competitive landscape. From amplifying employee voices to celebrating achievements, attendees discovered the keys to fostering satisfaction and long-term retention.


HappyHQ has graciously granted exclusive access for our Spring Fair audience to their 2024 Culture Trends Report. This comprehensive report delves into topics discussed on stage, including inclusive professionalism, human leadership and meaningful people metrics. Download your free copy HERE.


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