How can your brand power growth through meaningful experiences?

How can your brand power growth through meaningful experiences?

Kantar Insights will join us for an intuitive session at Spring Fair delving into the world of brand touchpoints within retail. Join Peter Aitken, Head of Customer Strategy & Insights and Adele Jolliffe, Head Brand Equity of Kantar Insights - the world’s leading marketing data and analytics business and brand partner to leading global businesses. 


The world is changing and the continuous economic challenges have made customers more cautious about their choices and what they spend money on. Brands need to stand out and shake things up to become more successful in the future. According to Kantar Insights, ‘experience’ is the primary driver for building a strong brand and companies that master the synergies between brand, marketing and customer experience… grow faster! 


Discover more and download Kantar’s 3 Steps booklet for creating meaningfully different experiences:  Link to download 

Peter and Adele will share how you can apply Kantar’s market-leading brand growth framework to create exceptional experiences, in often overlooked places. This will help you deliver your difference, build long-term memories in customers and keep them coming back for more. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn these applicable insights - join them at the Trend Talks stage on Monday at 1pm.  Link to session 


“We’re really excited to join at the Spring Fair, sharing our very latest thinking in how experiences deliver long term brand growth. 

Exceptional experiences are crucial for short term conversion, plus the long-term memories that keep your customers coming back. At Kantar, we are the world leaders is understanding how brands grow, and we will bring examples from surprising places, with stories and startling data. We’ll discuss the often-overlooked experiences that really make a difference, hopefully inspiring how you can set yourself apart. There should be something for everyone, whether you’re a retailer, or a blossoming home or fashion brand. 

We look forward to seeing you there! We’re presenting on Monday 5th February at the Trend Talks Stage at 1pm, Hall 6 within Home, Living & Décor. Come join us.”  

- Peter Aitken | Head of Customer Strategy & Insights | Kantar Insights 



Monday 5th February at 1:00 PM "Delivering your Difference: How Exceptional Retail Experiences are Key to Growth"- Trend Talks 



Seating will be provided on a first come first serve basis for these exclusive sessions. This is a highly anticipated event, so please ensure you arrive early to avoid disappointment! 

Until then, find out more and read their weekly roundup of their latest thinking and insights from around the world in the ‘Kantar Inspiring Growth Newsletter’. Link 


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