19 Jun 2024

The Benefits of Combining Offline and Online Wholesale Platforms for Effective Buying

The Benefits of Combining Offline and Online Wholesale Platforms for Effective Buying

In an era where business agility and adaptiveness are more crucial than ever, the merging of online and offline wholesale platforms presents a compelling opportunity for retail businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards online retail, demonstrating the power of digital platforms in reaching consumers.  


However, as the world reopens, the unique advantages of in-person experiences and bricks-and-mortar interactions are regaining prominence. There has been a clear rise of omnichannel wholesale buying, where retailers seamlessly integrate in-person and online purchasing experiences. From digital wholesale marketplaces like Faire to traditional trade shows such as Autumn Fair, the integration of these platforms enables businesses to harness the strengths of both worlds. Explore the dual advantages of enhancing your buying strategies online with platforms like Faire and engaging directly with suppliers and products at shows like Autumn Fair, setting the stage for sustainable growth and expansion in the retail sector. 


Benefits of in-person buying


  • In person networking opportunities: At Autumn Fair buyers can build meaningful relationships with brands. Offering complete transparency and allowing retailers to gain detailed information directly from brands. This face-to-face interaction ensures that both parties can assess compatibility and create clear expectations. This direct engagement at trade shows helps brands to make informed decisions. 


  • Direct access to products and services: Autumn Fair provides direct access to products and services, enabling potential buyers to see, touch, and experience products firsthand and in the process understanding the quality and features. This direct interaction ensures transparency and allows buyers to receive immediate answers to their questions, helping to build trust and confidence. 


  • Comparison: Trade shows like Autumn Fair offer a comprehensive overview of products on the market, enabling buyers to compare various options side by side. This setting allows for a thorough evaluation of different products' features, quality, and pricing - all in one place. By providing a platform where a range of brands can showcase their offerings, trade shows make it easier for buyers to make informed decisions. 


Key Benefits of Online Buying Platforms


  • Risk-Free Wholesale Buying: Faire takes the risk of buying from new brands you discover at trade shows. You can buy new products for your shop and pay 60 days later with preferred terms. Through Faire, you can enjoy easy returns on opening orders and test thousands of brands with minimum order values of £100 or less. 


  • Flexibility and Wide Access: As a retailer on Faire, you have 24/7 access to over 100,000 of the best independent brands close to home and around the world—all in one place and from the comfort of your home. Shop, track orders, message brands directly, and get help from Faire's team right from your phone through an intuitive and user-friendly platform or app.  


  • Data-Driven Recommendations: Faire leverages data from retailers worldwide to understand your preferences and make personalised recommendations for your unique store. This helps ensure that every product you buy on Faire becomes your next bestseller. 


The Power of Both Worlds



Autumn Fair and Faire are changing the game by partnering this year, enabling buyers to access the best of offline and online through an integrated buying experience. This collaboration enables buyers to access the best of both offline and online, making the buying process more efficient, flexible, and comprehensive. 


  • Easy Access: Access Autumn Fair exhibitors on Faire through a shoppable collection on Faire.com. Use Faire’s online marketplace during the show to explore brands, browse products, view detailed descriptions, and place orders directly—all in one place. 


  • Discover and Experience: This September, attend Autumn Fair to see and feel products in person, participate in workshops, and network with industry professionals. If you meet a brand at Autumn Fair that sells on Faire, you can easily order it through Faire for a simpler and risk-free process. 


  • Meet the Team: Visit our space at the upcoming show to meet the teams and get first-hand support on how to get started with Faire, exclusively at Autumn Fair. 


Discover the advantages of our collaboration with Faire and how buyers can leverage it for success: Autumn Fair X Faire | Autumn Fair.. Don't miss out! Join us in-person at Autumn Fair from September 1st to 4th to uncover your next top-selling products at the season's largest retail trade show. 

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