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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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Doing good through doing business

07 Feb 2022
Inspiring Retail Stage
Doing good through doing business


Right now consumers are judging brands on their values and choosing to spend their money with companies whose products do good, and with companies whose values align to their own world views. They are also choosing not to spend with companies who are not living their values and who are not authentic to who they say they are. Jo Fairley is one of the UK's leading female entrepreneurs whose businesses and brands have been successful because their values are embedded into their operational DNA. Join us for this session and hear from Jo as she talks about her experience of founding a business during a recession, the importance of being able to change direction and to be creative, and importantly ,of staying true to her core values that every business should do business in a way that shows they care about their people, the planet as well as the bottom line.

Jo Fairley, Co founder, - Green and Black's
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