Retail Design for Better - How can we Design for Better?

07 Feb 2024
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Retail Design for Better - How can we Design for Better?

Join the co-founders of The Future Collective as they unpack the core guiding principles of designing for better. Delving into the essence of design beyond aesthetics, and focusing on its potential to create positive change, they will be exploring how incorporating empathy, responsibility, and collaboration can elevate design; making it a tool for social and environmental betterment. 

This session is a deep dive into how thoughtful design can foster collaboration, prioritise people, and ensure accessibility, ultimately leading to designs that resonate deeply and endure over time. 

Join us to understand how design can be a force for good, influencing industries and societies worldwide. This talk is a must for anyone passionate about harnessing creativity for a brighter future.

Kate Shepherd, Co-Founder - The Future Collective
Matt Parry, Co-Founder - The Future Collective
The Future Collective
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