More than Just Spray-on Branding - the Pros and Cons of Own Brand Products

06 Feb 2024
Trend Talks
Industry Landscape , Sales , Trends , Marketing
There are many opportunities with building an own-brand product range, but it comes with its challenges too. With the growing allure of white label propositions among retailers, this session offers an in-depth exploration of the crucial elements and practical considerations involved in private label collaboration. Gain insights from market leaders Sebnini, who transitioned to private label in 2010 and have since reaped the benefits of this strategic move.
Sebastian Schyberg, Sales Manager - Sebnini Trading Ltd
Gert Schyberg, Founder and Managing Director - Sebnini Trading Ltd
Louise Schild, Global Aircare Manager - Chez Quintessence Fragrances
Chantal Pearce, Head of Buying in Homewares
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