Paul Bratcher

Paul Bratcher

Co-Founder, unfold:ai

Recognised as an industry leader in achieving digital transformation in enterprises from scale up, FTSE 100 and skunkworks. His creator, maker and digital art background blends with his constant curiosity about technology and innovation to provide unique insights into how to move from complexity to simple practical solutions that deliver value sustainably.

The implementation of leading-edge technologies, including Artificial intelligence, Low code, and Leading agile business transformations has been a constant differentiator in his approach to getting things done.

Paul is a believer in the power of people, and that the human mind is at its most vibrant when it is not only connecting the dots but imagining new dots. He believes that teams should be empowered to dream, and experience childlike wonder and curiosity and that this will deliver sustainable change. By encouraging performance at the highest level, allowing for safe failure, true innovation has been demonstrated and been sustained throughout his career.

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