Lara Chant

Lara Chant

Founder, Brityard

Lara Gibson-Chant is the co-founder of Brityard - a start-up concept that is reimagining high-street real estate.

Formerly a corporate strategist, Lara led the development and delivery of group strategy across a '40 million global media portfolio, working across 17 diverse sectors.'

Under her leadership, Brityard has evolved from a digital marketplace into a physical destination. Currently partnering with The Crown Estate to transform an underutilised Regent Street site into a collaborative hub hosting best-in-class local brands and talent.'


Challenging traditional retail norms, Brityard operates a membership model that goes beyond offering shelf space and instead enables brands and talent to utilise premium high street real estate for brand-led activations, events, sampling, networking, collaborations and more.'


Brityard aspires to build an empowered community with shared values and beliefs, envisioning international expansion to offer a comprehensive blend of immersive retail, hospitality, and event experiences showcasing the diverse excellence of "brand Britain" on the global stage.

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