Jim Norman

Jim Norman

Managing Director, Burleigh (Burgess & Leigh Ltd)

Burgess & Leigh Ltd make Burleigh pottery in the home of the industry, Stoke-on-Trent. Burleigh is the most iconic and quintessentially British ceramics brand with a global following. Domestic and export customers admire the storied designs, unrivalled provenance and authentic craft skills that make Burleigh highly desirable to own.
 Jim Norman continues the export traditions established by the business founders, Messrs Burgess & Leigh, in the late 19th century. Jim has recognised that customers are increasingly interested in buying products that have depth and authenticity, telling Burleigh’s stories to a receptive audience has helped establish the brand as the pre-eminent British ceramics brand with a growing export market.
 Jim’s advice is ‘achieving success in exporting is to clearly identify what makes your products and services different. Where possible leverage this through pricing to generate strong margins’.

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