Barry Kane

Barry Kane

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Upcycle Labs

Upcycle Labs innovation in fashion waste and retail redundant store fittings have been openly embraced by the leading fashion brands of the world.

Stock exits and customer returns can be shipped to our Euro Hub in Nottingham and 100% of the contents can be returned to the market as interior design goods and New Shop fittings without a fiber going to landfill or incineration.

Our revolutionary process provides a totally green solution to a massive worldwide problem. We are currently talking to the Ore foundation about using our technology to stop the disaster of the regional dumping of fashion waste to the beaches of Ghana. By supplying a local Upcycle Labs processing plant adjacent to the problem and thereby creating building blocks from the waste local housing can be built.' By bagging up the resultant mixture it would create local craft industries producing giftware and thereby creating an export of goods back to Europe and the world.

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