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The Party sector is full of exciting and bright new finds, bringing joy to every occasion. The place for balloons, dress-up costumes, Halloween items, Christmas favours, party tableware and decorations. There’s all kinds of party favourites here, waiting to be discovered.



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  • Gemar

    Stand: 3G10-H11
    Gemar Balloons is the largest manufacturer of natural rubber latex balloons in Europe. Located in Casalvieri, a small town the heart of Italy, we continue to lead the way in balloon development, inspi ...
  • Grabo Intl S.R.L.

    Stand: 3H10-J11
    Since 1982 Grabo has been the leader in the production of foil balloons, setting fashion throughout the years, bolstering high tech products to ensure quality and innovativity and paving the way for t ...
  • I.T.I (UK) Ltd

    Stand: 3J20-K21
    I.T.I. (UK) LTD are the UK and Ireland distributor for the worlds largest manufacturer of Latex Balloons Latex Occidental Exportadora s.a. de c.v.   The balloons are supplied to Wholesale and Multiple ...
  • Kalisan Balloons

    Stand: 3H20-J21
    Leading latex balloons manufacturer.
  • Pioneer Europe Limited

    Stand: 3J10-K11
    Pioneer® Europe Limited is part of Pioneer Balloon company,  manufacturers and distributors of Qualatex® balloons, Northstar Balloons™ and Pioneer Party partyware. 
  • Rubies Masquerade

    Stand: 5J50-K51,5A18-B19
    Rubies Masquerade Co. (UK) Ltd and its subsidiaries are supported by their parent company in New York, USA, where it was founded in 1951. Today, they continue leading the industry with technological a ...

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