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How to use bold design in your store to make impact

06 Feb 2022
Inspiring Retail Stage
Inspiring Retail Stage
How to use bold design in your store to make impact

Paul Moneypenny is passionate about design, and even more passionate about colour and pattern, and the positive impact it has on people. Form many retailers working with bold colours and design can be daunting, as its often easier to play safe with neutral tones. However, colour is in and as we have entered the roaring 20’s the maximalism trends we have seen for the last few years are going nowhere.

Join us for this session as Paul gives you some of his top tips for building and impactful window display, working with bold colour and patterns in your store, and using them so that your ranges really pop and inspire customers to see how this could work in their own homes.

Paul Moneypenny, Interior designer, Influencer, Retailer
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