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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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Dare to Change

08 Feb 2022
Inspiring Retail Stage
Inspiring Retail Stage
Dare to Change

Before Covid-19, the world was changing at an exponential rate. Along came Covid-19 to speed it up even more. Retail in particular has experienced dramatic changes as a result, as online continues to perform at the expense of bricks and mortar. But the so-called retail apocalypse is fake news, according to Alan O’Neill. “Physical retail is not dying, bad retailing is”.

In this session, Alan O’Neill will share his experiences of supporting iconic brands like Ann Summers, Fenwick, Harrod’s, Primark and Selfridges to grow their physical store sales. You will leave this session equipped with practical ideas and tactics to help you embrace change, after all “It’s about coping with change through the lens of a customer-centred culture”.

Alan O'Neill, Managing Director - Kara Change Management
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