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Zero to Podcaster in 30 Days

07 Feb 2023
Inspiring Retail Stage
Inspiring Retail Stage
Zero to Podcaster in 30 Days
Starting your own podcast is SO easy, you can do it right now from your phone, and in an era of monumental boredom, the podcast has become a welcome break for those suffering from excessive screen time. In the UK, 41% of adults have listened to a podcast within the last month and yet it is one of the few marketing arenas that is not yet anywhere near saturated. Join podcaster and marketer Alex Ryan as he demonstrated how to launch your own podcast quickly, simply and affordably.
  • Why a podcast is the perfect thing to add to your marketing strategy
  • How to design, plan and prepare your podcast
  • How to record, publish and market your podcast
Alex Ryan - The Giftware Association

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