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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

Event Guides

Introducing Event Guides Limited

We are delighted to introduce you to Event Guides Limited, our Official Publications partner.

The Official Publications are designed to help you influence the purchasing decisions of visitors as they gather information on new products, services and suppliers.

The Official Publications provide an opportunity for exhibitors to create a powerful brand presence before, during and after the event. By advertising in these publications, you can be certain that your promotional efforts are directed through the correct, authorised channels and that your advertising will be seen by our visitors.

Please ignore claims by any other third parties claiming to be connected to Spring Fair.

Exhibitors may be contacted by Event Guides Limited, our Official Publications partner, concerning their complimentary entry into the Official Publications, as well as other editorial opportunities.

If you would like to discuss additional marketing opportunities to guarantee you get yourself noticed in the Official Publications, then email victoria.karagoz@eventguides.co.uk for more information or call her on 44 (0)1228 541200.


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