Spring Fair - 3-7 FEBRUARY 2019 - VOLUME OPENS 2 FEB



  • Spring Fair Show Sectors
    • Beauty & Wellbeing
  • Product Categories
    • Hair Care & Styling
    • Make Up & Fragrance
    • Skin & Body Care
  • New

    K Co Beauty & Brows

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A19
  • New

    Betty Hula

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A15
    Bettyhula is an award-winning range of Hawaiian inspired exotic scented, natural skincare care products/gifts. Ranges include natural lip balms and polish, dusting powder, body creams, hand washes, ha ...
  • W7 Cosmetics

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E28-F21
    The W7 Brand was created in 2002, the inspiration of two entrepreneurial young men from West London. Their aim - that everyone should have access to an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C15
     Vegan and Cruelty Free cosmetic, skincare and perfume handmade in Cheshire. Winner of Most Innovative Cosmetics in the 2018 Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards As seen in Daily Mail, New Magazine and ...
  • Heathcote & Ivory

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E04-F05
    . Designed and formulated in London, the collections are a confident mix of bright colours, floral patterns in both vintage and modern styles; with attention given to every detail, there is delight in ...
  • The Brighton Beard Company Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D26
    :: REBRAND LAUNCHING AT SPRING FAIR! :: Please take a look at just some of our new look, products and packaging; launching at the end of January, be the first to check out our rebrand at Spring Fair. ...
  • Big Green Tree Natural Skincare Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B37
    Big Green Tree is an Artisan British company producing Natural skincare, free from Parabens and SLS's. Our products are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and are all animal cruelty free. We design i ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E46-F47
    Bodytox - effective natural health patch products based on the reflexology concept. 15th years improving well-being and vitality in the UK and abroad.
  • Dr.PawPaw

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A17
    Dr.PAWPAW was created back in 2013 when husband and wife duo, Johnny and Pauline, decided to create a multipurpose range that could be used on lips, skin and hair. Johnny and Pauline envisioned a rang ...
  • 7thHeaven

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C18-D19
    7th Heaven by Montagne Jeunesse is the number 1 face mask brand in the UK. Affordable skin care treats bursting with natural ingredients sourced across the globe. With over 30 years of experience, we ...
  • Laval Cosmetics

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C23
  • New

    Balade En Provence

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C07
    At Balade en Provence, we provide moments of happiness with Sensorial, Natural and Vegan skincare products made in France.     
  • New

    Bathing Beauty

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B25
    Bathing Beauty. Multi award winning, artisan skin care company, specialising in Plastic Free Products stylishly presented in   Zero Waste Packaging. The team behind the best selling Jones The Bones mu ...
  • New

    Beauty Expression UK Ltd.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C25
    Beauty Expression is a supplier of high quality, natural and organic beauty products, perfectly suitable for consumer and professional needs. At the Spring Fair we will present: Acquarella - a unique, ...
  • BeautyPro Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T02
    BeautyPro is a British multi-award winning brand, offering a range of skin care sheet masks. Our products are formulated & manufactured uniquely for BeautyPro. This gives us full control, allowing us ...
  • New

    Below the Belt Grooming

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A36
    Below the Belt Grooming is a British skin care range for men; uniquely formulated to provide long-lasting comfort and freshness all day, everyday. With specific expertise in products that keep the gro ...
  • New

    Captain Fawcett

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B31
    Captain Fawcett’s Emporium, home to a simply delectable range of First Class Gentleman’s Grooming Requisites. The Captain would be delighted to hear from Gentlemen’s Outfitters, Travelling salesmen, H ...
  • Castelbel - Artigos de Beleza S.A.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D02
    Castelbel is a Portuguese manufacturer of high quality bath, body and home scented products. Carefully hand crafted according to traditional methods, Castelbel products combine a stylish design with a ...
  • Concept:Skin Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B33
    Concept:Skin Ltd are a UK based skincare company. We design and create stunning vegan,natural and handmade skin care products suitable for all skin types. Our chakra inspired products cater for your b ...
  • New

    Cool Stuff Limited

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A24
    Cool Stuff is an importer and distributor of general gifts items, homeware, kitchen utensils, toys and the exclusive NaiLove an unique nail trimmer for ages including children.
  • Cotswold Lavender Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B39
    Cotswold Lavender is the unique English Lavender range based purely on pure lavender essential oils and dry flowers.  Our range is fabulous for the skin with natural Cleansers, Soaps and luxurious Bat ...
  • Bath Bubble & Beyond

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C39
    Creators and manufacturers of quality toiletries and personal care products - all made by us in the UK. Bath Bubble and Beyond is our own fun and fragrant range of brightly coloured items. We are know ...
  • New

    Daisy Rainbow

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A01
    Daisy Rainbow is a brand new range designed for children, although good for adults too (just don't tell the kids as they might not want to share!) We will be launching a selection of bubble bath, hand ...
  • Eco Glitter Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A26
    Eco Glitter Fun's mission is to bring plastic pollution awareness and responsible sparkles to the world. We do this using our cosmetic biodegradable glitter. We pack our glitter in plastic free packag ...
  • New

    Ambience by Eos Scientific

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A11
    Eos Scientific is a leading scientific testing lab, helping develop the Ambience CBD range of eliquids and everyday use cosmetics including moisturisers, balms and oils.
  • Norse

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B30
    Epic male grooming products handmade in the United Kingdom.
  • Edwin Jagger Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A38
    Established in 1988 in Sheffield, England. We are a family-run business that has grown into a global leader in male and female grooming product manufacture.
  • Sapona Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A20
    Established in 1997, Sapona is a UK based health&beauty company involved in developing in-house and licensed ranges. Due to our extensive knowledge, impeccable reputation and competitive pricing, we h ...
  • Racing Green Grooming by Conquest

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D24
    Founded In 1991, Racing Green is a brand built on the best of British heritage; a true story of success, combining a classic style with modern fashion trends At Conquest Personal care Ltd we have take ...
  • New

    George Botanicals

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T08
    George Botanicals is the UK's leading Manufacturer and supplier of CBD related products. 
  • Green Angel Irish Skincare

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B08
    Green Angel is a premium range of natural and organic Irish skincare with seaweed extract and essential oils. Our surrounding oceans support some of the wildest and most natural seaweeds packed with p ...
  • Xpel Marketing Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D27-C26
    Health & Beauty Gift Products,Mosquito Repellents, Pet Products, Household Cleaning  
  • HarveyJames International Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D31-C30
    HJI are proud to present our exclusive Skin Treats® range of on-trend quality cosmetics at extraordinary value driven prices. Developed in the UK and designed in the USA, the Skin Treats® brand target ...
  • Asurex Ltd T/A Knights Fragrances

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E27
    Knights Fragrances was established in 1984 as a trader of perfumes, focussing on servicing retail pharmacies. Over the years, Knights Fragrances has expanded into being the leading UK based supplier o ...
  • Colour Distribution Ltd t/a Manic Panic UK

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A07
    Manic Panic is the original New York Punk hair colour, developed by Tish and Snooky Bellomo in the 70's. these super long lasting Semi Permanent Hair Dyes are 100% Vegan and cruelty free. As we like t ...
  • New

    La Savonnerie De Nyons

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B43
    More than 200,000 olive trees roam this warm and colorful landscape and allow the city of Nyons to produce for centuries, a soap and a highly reputed oil. Imagine that here, the remains of the oldest ...
  • New

    My Magic Mud

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E46-F47
    My Magic Mud is the brand that started the activated charcoal wave, the USA’s fastest selling natural oral care brand. Certified vegan, fluoride-free and gluten-free teeth whitening.  
  • New

    Virginia Coram

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C22
    New luxury Bath & Body brand from an experienced English manufacturer. We specialise in real liquid soap, made using high quality oils and hydroxides. Our hallmark is not only completely natural skin ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D07
    One of France's leading body & skin care brands, established in 2004 in Paris and now available in UK.
  • Scottish Fine Soaps

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B04-C05
    Over the past 40 years, Scottish Fine Soap have built an international reputation for quality. We are a recognised brand in the Toiletries market with focus on retailers, own label and innovative prod ...
  • Per-Scent Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D20-E21
    Per-Scent is the UK's leading supplier to grocery and fashion retailer in over 5,000 outlets. Our clients also include premium high street retailers including boots, the perfume shop, Superdrug, Lloyd ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A43
    PROCOAL™ WAS FOUNDED IN 2016 WITH A REBELLIOUS SPIRIT AND A VIRTUOUS OBJECTIVE: To deliver high-quality beauty products using traceable and ethically sourced ingredients at revolutionary prices and us ...
  • Rainbow Cosmetics Manchester Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C20
    Rainbow Cosmetics is a family run business established in 1990. One of the leading distributors of branded fragrance and beauty in the UK, Rainbow also has an established brands division; which receiv ...
  • Scent Global Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D39-C38
    Scent Global is now one of the largest stock houses in the UK and Europe. We source from worldwide partners allowing a large range of products from mass to prestige and niche products competitively pr ...
  • Murray's Health & Beauty

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D18
    Since its formation in 1959, Murrays has become the market leader in distributing health and beauty accessories. We have created a portfolio of brands such as Safe & Sound Health, LaModa Hair Accessor ...
  • Stargazer

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C01
    Stargazer is a UK company that set up 40 years ago to make the boldest colour cosmetics, hair dyes and accessories. We manufacture our cosmetics in the UK and we have a wide range of exciting cosmetic ...
  • New

    Sweyn Forkbeard

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A34
    Sweyn Forkbeard was the 1st. Viking King of England in year 1,013. We produce Male Grooming Products (Beard Care, Wet Shaving, Hair Styling & Razors) 100% Organic & Handmade in London, UK. We produce ...
  • The English Soap Company

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B17
    The English soap Company was founded in 2000 by Bob & Juliet after discovering a large number of vintage soap moulds lying disused in a machinery workshop farm in Kent. Inspired by the wonderful desig ...
  • Bomb Cosmetics

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C04-D05
    The Power of Essential Oils – These little gifts from Mother Nature are found in each and every one of our products and are extracted from plants, flowers and fruit. They have to power to soothe the ...
  • The Somerset Toiletry Company

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A04-B05
    The Somerset Toiletry Company have been designing, formulating and selling bath and body products for 19 years. No matter the budget, everything we sell is designed to please the eye. Formulations var ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C16
    TIIYA by Alanoud Alattiya is a Qatari fashion house based in Doha since 2009. TIIYA is focused in haute couture fashion and recently expanded into the beauty sector. With all the passion to produce th ...
  • New

    True Skincare

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A08
    TRUE Skincare has been created with our consumer at heart, providing 100% natural and organic skincare at an affordable price, without compromising on elegance and efficacy using the best of nature's ...
  • Lilyz Cosmetics UK

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C33
    We are a Cosmetics & Perfumes Wholesale Distributor and exclusive private label OEM/OBM manufacturer. Our factories have made products for some of the top brands in the UK and Worldwide. We have a spe ...
  • Shaneel Enterprises Limited

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E32-F31
    We are an authorised supplier of many fragrance brands.  Our worldwide tradmark brands are Mayfair, Easy Bronze, Feather Finish, House of Worth, Je Reviens and Worth pour homme.  Also, we are the worl ...
  • Winter in Venice

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E09
    We are British Award Winning Designers and Manufacturers of high quality Bath and Body Care Products. Each Bath Gift Set consists of an array of luxury toiletries placed inside reusable containers suc ...
  • Brands de Luxe Co Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20D43
    We are wholesale suppliers of genuine branded perfumes, cosmetics, skincare (including parapharmacy brands) and hair care. We are an exclusive representative of the niche skincare brand The Lab Room - ...
  • New

    Moksha Beauty

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C30
    We manufacture and sell 100% Natural Bath and Beauty products including Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Shower Gels, Luxurious Bath Bombs and Anti-Aging Retinol Face Creams. Our Aromatherapy bath salts, show ...
  • New

    Bloom Artisan Brands

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R19
    Welcome to Bloom Artisan Brands we are specialists in the UK distribution of niche hand picked brands from around the world. Our portfolio of brands all have an amazing creative story and passionate o ...
  • M&N Health & Beauty

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E46-F47
    Welcome to M&N Health & Beauty, distributors of fine fragrances, exclusive OTC, supplements, and natural health & beauty brands and products at extremely competitive prices!   Proudly servicing the he ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A13
    Welcome to Myhabilitation! We are a family run company passionate about wellbeing.  Myhabilitation offers divine body products and also white label opportunities.
  • The Soap Story

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A02
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Soap Story!  Spoil your senses with Soap Story’s excitingly fresh and fabulously fun soapy products. Our lovely-bubbly team are always coming up with new creations, e ...
  • Quest Personal Care Global Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E42-F33
    With over 25 years of experience Quest offers House and Private Label ranges to the beauty industry, trading with 78 countries markets across the globe. Originally best known for cotton, the ranges ha ...
  • New

    dōTERRA Essential Oils

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A30
    You may be inspired by the benefits of using essential oils and living a healthier lifestyle. In addition you may find yourself asking one of these questions...How can I feel better? How can I eat bet ...
  • Cherry Wholesale Cosmetics

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B21
    At Cherry Cosmetics we specialize in health and beauty sector. We wholesale some of the major brands like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Sally Hansen, Max Factor, Rimmel, O.P.I and many ...
  • Prima Makeup

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C27
    Here at Prima we love a bit of glitz and glam and have been developing our cosmetic range to provide you with highly pigmented, super sparkly products. Our pressed glitters make you glitter like you m ...
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