Spring Fair - 3-7 FEBRUARY 2019 - VOLUME OPENS 2 FEB



  • Spring Fair Show Sectors
    • Contemporary Gift
  • Colin Kellam Originals

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S12
  • Danielle Exclusive Creations Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T32-U33
  • House of Disaster

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7F18-G19
  • DOIY Limited

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K40
  • Incognito

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K27
  • Selbrae House Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6Q11
  • Amica Accessories Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J01
  • Just Slate

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6Q10
  • New

    Tokidoki, LLC

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K29

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J27
  • Alice Scott

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J60-K61
  • New

    Culinary Concepts

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7B24-C26
  • New

    Daisy Maison

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S25

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L41
  • Mini Moderns

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J60-K61
  • New

    Bethlehem Baubles

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J14
  • New

    Fatra Toys

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K31
  • Catherine Colebrook

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6N05
  • Retreat Home Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7D03
  • Jolipa B.V.B.A.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7A02-B03
  • Pad Home Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7D05
  • Lund London

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J42-K43
  • New

    Sixton London

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H48
  • New

    Tim Foxall

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J58
  • New

    Fosh Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J56
  • New

    Print Circus

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H13
  • The Casery

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T13
  • New

    The Sugar Shed Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6G12
  • Thinking Gifts Company Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L37-K35
  • New

    Tregear Pottery

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R25
  • Judge Sampson Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L13
  • SolMate Socks UK Ltd.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S01
  • New

    Upon the Moon

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H44
  • Sting In The Tail

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6Q02
  • New

    Kate of Kensington

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T41
    The Kate of Kensington collection is a beautiful range of multipurpose platters and coasters that are each lovingly handmade from natural marble stone, meaning each may vary slightly in colour, textur ...
  • New

    Bark & Rock and Foundry Fifty

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6M33
    Bespoke and beautifully crafted books for the corporate, gift, cultural and heritage sector. __________________________________   At Bark & Rock, we are committed to the promotion of the sustainable u ...
  • Louise Tate Illustration

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R07
    Louise Tate Illustration is now entering its sixth year in 2019 and is going from strength to strength. All the original and quirky designs are created by Louise and are to be found on a growing numbe ...
  • New

    Home County Candle Co.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T37
    The Home County Candle Co. is a luxury home fragrance brand created by owners Hannah and Oli. Having grown up in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire we now hand-pour our beautifully scented candles and r ...
  • New

    Exquisite Gaming Limited

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H28
    We are gaming and entertainment specialists delivering merchandise solutions for Gaming and Entertainment brands worldwide. We create distinct products & brands for retailers and fans within the globa ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6P27
    Founded in 2003, Abysse Corp has become one of the main players in the European TCG, toys & games and manga, cinema, TV series and comics markets. Creator, manufacturer and distributor, we offer a qua ...
  • New

    Vintage Playing Cards Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6M07
    Vintage Playing Cards specialises in greeting cards, frames and gifts made, and inspired, from original vintage games. Stylish, retro and unique - each Vintage Playing Card piece is a true original wh ...
  • Portico Designs Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J60-K61
    Established 30 years ago and based in Bath, Portico are independent publishers of quality design-led stationery, gifts, calendars & greetings cards that feature 'world class' licensed brands as well a ...
  • Wild & Wolf Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H42-J43
    Wild & Wolf create unique, design-led gifts and lifestyle accessories that demonstrate thoughtfulness, mean more and live longer. The award-winning company produce innovative ranges that appeal to all ...
  • Sew Heart Felt

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6Q40
      The Sew Heart Felt England collection is designed by Sonia Spencer who has been working in the design world for over twenty years. Ideas are sketched, patterns are cut and samples stitched before be ...
  • Anthony Steuart

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R24
    Hand crafter quality decorative accessories 
  • Burstenhaus Redecker GmbH

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H04-J05
    Today we offer an extensive selection of both traditional and highly modern brushes and wooden articles for all areas of life. Browse our product range and experience newly discovered practical helper ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6N03
    #SofterThanASoftThing Back in 2005 we produced our first sheep to sell at shows and events around the UK, hence our company logo. Since then, Jomanda has become an established soft toy company, distri ...
  • iBeani

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6P08
    'The World's Most Comfortable Tablet Stand' Mac Sources. iBeani is a Gift of The Year award winning tablet bean bag stand, designed to hold any digital tablet, so that you don’t have to! With premium, ...
  • Chelsea Candle

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R15
      CHELSEA CANDLE is a small batch candle company based in Kent, England. Founded by Chelsey O'Neill, who was previously a Production Manager working in London. At the beginning of 2015 she packed up h ...
  • Twist Glass Studio

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S02
     Hand crafted British made  glass  giftware , for  shops ,galleries  and well suited to museum  gift shops . We have the right product for you if you are looking for  unquie  products  that not every ...
  • InovAir Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T20
    “Pairfum London” - The Artisan Perfumers of London. Fragrances that Compliment You, Naturally: > Home Fragrance > Perfume > Skin, Bath & Body Care Luxurious couture perfume that for beauty in wellbein ...
  • Fox & Chave

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6P10
    A Celebration of Silk and Style at the Spring Fair 2019 on our NEW stand P10 in Hall 6. Sumptuous, hand-finished, pure silk accessories for men and women. Gossamer light Chiffon Scarves – denser Crepe ...
  • Map Marketing Limited

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L15
    A unique range of personalised map gifts. We offer a wide selection of handmade items from our dedicated gift division, Butler and Hill. Using nearly 40 years of experience we develop, create and manu ...
  • InovAir Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T10A
    Enjoy “PAIRFUM”, naturally luxurious couture perfume for beauty in wellbeing (at home & on skin): > natural home fragrances (luxury scented candles, natural reed diffusers, fragrance reed diffuser ref ...
  • McNutts of Donegal Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7F14
    McNutt of Donegal is a family run Mill with over 60 years of weaving experience.  Set in the North-West of Ireland every collection is designed in-house by a team of dedicated and talented designers w ...
  • Xiamen Ebei Import & Export Co., Ltd.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6Q16
    "Go Green! NO Plastic!"   Xiamen Ebei is one of leading supplier of eco-friendly products from China. We got more than 10years experience in this area. Our main product is made of bamboo material. We ...
  • The Great British Bee Co.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S18
    2018 Gift of the Year Winners !  10% of profits support UK honey bee research ! We are a unique family company of artisan designers makers and bee keepers who design award winning ranges of hand care ...
  • Mowgs

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L37
    A Mowgs basket is the perfect mix of beauty, technique and tradition. Over the past 18 months, Mowg’s Myanmar inspired baskets have gained an increasing level of recognition amongst both the fashion i ...
  • New

    Abrams & Chronicle Books

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L01
    Abrams & Chronicle Books distribute a wide range of award-winning visual books, gift, and stationery, based in London, UK. In addition to the Abrams Books and Chronicle Books lists, we also distribute ...
  • Aroma Home Limited

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6U21-T22
    Aroma Home have been designing and producing innovative well being and gift items for over 15 years and will be launching some fabulous new lines for 2015.  A leading worldwide 'heatable' product manu ...
  • New

    Article White

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J08
    Article White (A modern fragrant dialogue) : An exploration of British wit and fragrant craftsmanship. Drawing upon modern cultural references to dance the scales of an olfactory alphabet.
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E46-F47
    Divaderme - infused with 100% plant-based extracts and natural fibres to enhance beauty and a unique look. Over 30 years redefining perfect eyes, brows and lashes.
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J16
    GoodToBee produces the largest range in the UK of Handmade, Organic Cotton, Beeswax Products, including food wraps in a variety of convenient sizes, our best selling Sandwich and Lunch Bags and our mu ...
  • Katie Cardew Illustrations

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S28,6S26
    Katie Cardew Illustrations Ltd Katie Cardew started her successful Illustrations business over 5 years ago; the demand for her quirky, wobbly illustrations has grown throughout her hometown of Stamfor ...
  • New

    Koza Dereza Manufacture s. z o. o.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6N01
    Koza Dereza Manufacture represents Ukrainian brand Koza Dereza, that produce handmade souvenirs and decoration. The wide variety of techniques, materials, designs gives our partners an opportunity to ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H09
    Laser Cut and Engraved Awesomeness made lovingly in Derbyshire We are a family run business in Derby and we produce one of a kind products which are unique and aspirational. We put a small piece of ou ...
  • Lumilight

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S39
    Lumilight design and make beautiful solar and mains powered wooden light kits.  Inspired by mountain life and architecture. Presented in a flat pack kit they are very easy to assemble. (no tools or gl ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K13
    Natural leather strops for sharpening handheld razors.  The Stropt razor honing pad can extend the usable life of disposable and cartridge razors by an amazing three to five times! Handmade in the Uni ...
  • PomPom Galore

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6Q30
    PomPom Galore was born from a desire to offer a new decorative product and gift accessory using the traditional yarn pom pom. It offers a range of yarn pom pom garlands, fairy lights and accessories. ...
  • S-c Brands

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7F28
    S-c Brands is a British company, founded in 2006 by Fiona Walker. We started life with the aim to represent and distribute the best Scandinavian brands we could find. Now over 10 years on we have grow ...
  • Stockwell Ceramics

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R36
    Stockwell Ceramics is a Cornish based crafts company producing high quality, irresistible ranges of handmade ceramic buttons, brooches, pendant necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and hanging decorations. ...
  • The Original Winters Tale

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7E04-F03
    The Original Winters Tale Ltd is a wholesaler of handmade decorations, mostly for Christmas trees, but we are finding that more and more of our customer's customers are leaving them up after 12th nigh ...
  • Lancaster & Gibbings

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R33
    UK made cast Pewterware exclusively manufactured in our Devon workshops. Our increasingly diverse range includes photo frames, jewellery boxes, key rings, dishes and candle hiolders. For 2018 we have ...
  • New

    The Cool Company

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6M50
    We are Oli Olsen and we are exclusive distributors who specialise in gift and homeware including stationery, candles, lighting and accessories. We currently represent four European brands in the UK & ...
  • Oli Olsen

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6M50
    We are Oli Olsen and we are exclusive distributors who specialise in gift and homeware including stationery, candles, lighting and accessories. We currently represent these amazing brands in the UK & ...
  • Edge Company

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7B30-C31
    27 years of original design and innovation continues to build Edge Company's reputation for supplying high quality distinctive product.
  • Fifty One Percent

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7B20-C21
    A company created to make a difference in the world, challenging the status quo of traditional B2B trading, looking at new ways to grow your business. We focus on protecting and building the brands we ...
  • New


    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S29
    A start-up offering British designed bags, accessories and stationery in a vegan friendly PU finish. A focus on modern design and the carrying of technology, we believe that Goodeehoo products offer b ...
  • New

    Sarah Horne Botanicals

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K03
    A stunning range of English gifts and homeware, all featuring Sarah's classic yet contemporary black-and-white botanical drawings. Sarah has loved flowers all her life, winning three Chelsea Flower Sh ...
  • A tailor made collection of sustainable and stylish souvenirs, building on the success of Cityscapes.  Through her collaboration with British souvenir manufacturer Judge Sampson, Julia has extended he ...
  • East Of India Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6G56-H55
    All of East Of India's products are designed in house and from initial concept to final production we are passionate about every detail. We offer an extensive range of seasonally inspired collections ...
  • New

    Dimpled Heart

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6H05
    An eclectic range of handmade ceramics inspired by our Scottish roots
  • Milly Green

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6Q05
    An exciting British designer who offers high quality products including textiles, gift stationery, ceramics and gift food together forming cohesive collections.
  • Apples To Pears Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L22-M23
    Apples to Pears, the multi-award winning gift company renowned for the ever popular Gift in a Tin brand continues to expand its ranges to meet increasing demands from UK and international buyers. The ...
  • New

    Aroma Escapes

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K09
    Aroma Escapes is a range of luxury candles and Reed diffusers which are 100% sustainable and are available in recycled glass! Candles are all 100% natural plant wax, with 8% essential oil or 8% fragra ...
  • Art Marketing Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7D20-E21
    Art Marketing creates distinctive wall art and home decor.  We own four well recognised Brands: ART@Art Marketing, Thomas Kent Clocks, Almond Street Photoframes and ARTBEAT Greetings Cards. We are a f ...
  • Artcuts

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L12
    Artcuts are designer-makers of contemporary Christmas decorations, souvenirs and gifts with an emphasis on design and quality and manufactured in our Surrey studios, UK.  
  • Light Style London

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J22-K23
    Artistic and decorative lighting ideas.
  • ashortwalk Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S23-6R22
    ashortwalk are a Cornwall based product design team specialising in unique design led products for the home, garden or business made from recycled materials. Started in 2003 by Dan Dicker, a former Dy ...
  • Ian Snow Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7E18-F19
    At Ian Snow we champion fair-trade products that capture the rich cultures from the places where they are crafted. Handmade & bohemian.
  • If

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6P01
    At IF we design, manufacture and distribute innovative consumer products to distributors and retailers in over 70 countries worldwide. If you are hoping to find original and giftable ranges directly f ...
  • Sass & Belle

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7E20-F21
    At Sass & Belle, we create exciting and original products designed to make you smile. Our promise is to provide lovable, trend-led and affordable designs to an ever-evolving gift market. Our journey b ...
  • The Crafty Kit Company

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S11
    At The Crafty Kit Company, we’re on a mission to enhance lives through inspiration, creativity and fun. When you buy a craft kit from us, you're making amazing things happen for the people and places ...
  • The Lagoon Group

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L50-M51
    At The Lagoon Group we design, manufacture and sell a range of world-class games, puzzles and books which are not only fun to play, read or do, they look visually appealing and are made of high qualit ...
  • Vanilla Blanc

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T43
    Award Winning Collection of Natural Home Fragrances Encased in our Signature Hand Crafted Wooden Gift Boxes. Our Kosher Candles have been commisioned by the World Famous The Ritz London. As Stocked in ...
  • La De Da! Living

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7B28
    Award-winning hand-stamped vintage cutlery & exclusively designed gifts, home and fashion accessories. 
  • Repeat Repeat Ltd

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6S21
    Based in Stoke-on-Trent Repeat Repeat design and manufacture Bone China mugs ,tableware and complementary items. Designed by Gillian Naylor and Mark Faulkner since 1984
  • Felt So Good

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6P42
    Beautiful handmade felt accessories, hangings and gifts that encompass Christmas, Halloween, Easter and any other occasion or celebration! From their stunning traditional Christmas collection, to thei ...
  • Jola

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6N04
    Beautiful linen and cotton handmade gifts, homewear and clothing all  made in the UK
  • Weaver Green

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7B02
    Beautiful products shouldn't cost the Earth! With an estimated 35 billion plastic bottles finding their way in to our seas each year, Weaver Green takes recycled plastic bottles, shreds and spins the ...
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