Spring Fair - 3-7 FEBRUARY 2019 - VOLUME OPENS 2 FEB



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    1 Tree Cards

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3K44
    Buy 1, Give 1 Tree - our cards are on a mission to save the planet! 1 tree planted per card + a seed token inside which can be planted to grow beautiful bee-friendly flowers. 'Eco' is now mainstream a ...
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    1 Two Kids Ltd

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5H89
    1 Two Kids supply the best of baby and toddler products sourced from around the world.  Exclusive distributor for the following brands: Sophie la girafe, nailmatic® Kids, Baby Cards by Milestone™, Pla ...
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    12 Days of Christmas

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3F13
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    66 Books Ltd

    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 12D17,3X51
    We are a global remainder, returns & reprints book wholesaler encompassing all genres, holding up to 15,000+ titles.
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    8Th Wonder Ltd

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5G72
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    A Gift From The Gods

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3Q16-R19
    A Gift From The Gods is a contemporary lifestyle brand of design-led stationery, sleepwear, fashion accessories, gifts and jewellery for Today's Goddess.  Known for our playful slogans and signature g ...
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    A House Like This

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K15
    Discover guilt-free home fragrance from AHLT of South London. Our Scent Library offers premium blends with an environmentally conscious, yet dramatic design aesthetic. Our handcrafted soy candles, ree ...
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    A J Ludlow Ltd

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5C95
    A J Ludlow is a fusion of art and science, creating art materials of unprecedented quality and brilliance.  Our professional watercolours are exceptional, mixing traditional with modern in order to en ...
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    A2zrug Limited

    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1G40-F41
      Headquartering in London, we are amongst the UK's leading premier machine woven rugs manufacturer. Established in 1998, A2Z Rugs has come a long way in years from a craftsman family business to a so ...
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    Aadarsh Packaging Products

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5C126
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    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5C124
    abhis international - An amforiBSCI audited company with rating as "A" A well established Manufacturer and Exporter of Fashion Hand Bags, Hard Case Clutch Bags, Purses, Wallets, Tote Bags, Shopper Bag ...
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    Abrams & Chronicle Books

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L01
    Abrams & Chronicle Books distribute a wide range of award-winning visual books, gift, and stationery, based in London, UK. In addition to the Abrams Books and Chronicle Books lists, we also distribute ...
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    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6P27
    Founded in 2003, Abysse Corp has become one of the main players in the European TCG, toys & games and manga, cinema, TV series and comics markets. Creator, manufacturer and distributor, we offer a qua ...
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    Ace Tea London

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5B137
    Ace Tea London is an award winning tea company that was founded in the Autumn of 2016 to revolutionise tea drinking. Our teas being so good they can be enjoyed and served hot, chilled or mixed in a co ...
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    Adam Linens

    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 10C10
    Adam Home designs and produces textiles for every room in the house. Founded in 2012 in Rochdale. Our priorities are excellent quality and customer satisfaction.
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    Adore Jewels

    Hall: 19 | Stand: 19L09
    COMPANY PROFILE:   ADORE, designs and produces in-house Gold and Silver jewelry plain and with stones that is supplied to dealers in countries: INDIA, USA, U.K, AFRICA, and FRANCE. We have shown commi ...
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    Advance Apparel Ltd

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5B53
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    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 10A22
    AFEX - Global Payment and Risk Management Solutions. Contact: 0161 827 7960. Email; northwest@afex.com or feel free to visit us on our stand for a free currency audit. We have a rich heritage in pione ...
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    Agnes + Cat

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A09
    Being inspired daily by the Lake District, we’ve made it our mission to only incorporate natural and vegan friendly ingredients in all of our products and therefore not tested on animals. The soaps ar ...
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    Aldrich Art ltd

    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1J53
    Offering a variety of artwork for use on products including giftware and homewear a diverse selection in this years portfolio mostly focused on pets and people Portraits. We aim to work with our custo ...
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    Alfred Franks & Bartlett PLC

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5L51
    AFB - UK's NO.1 Supplier of kids licensed sunglasses!  Our reputation for production highly quality, safe sunglasses for children is unsurpassed.
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    Alliance Healthcare

    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 11L15
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    Allure Fragrances

    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 12J38-K39
    Allure Fragrances is a family run business which bases its core values on great customer relations. We aim to provide our customers with quality fragrances at a reasonable price.   Allure Fragrances m ...
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    Alura Candles

    Hall: 4 | Stand: 4D89
      We are a family business manufacturing great products in Tring, Hertfordshire. We aim to provide luxurious products at competitive prices. All of our candles are hand poured and generously fragrance ...
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    Always Sparkle

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3L45
    Always Sparkle is a well-established greeting card publisher based in Cheshire. We create stylish, design-led greetings cards that focus on striking fonts and special finishes. We aim to create deisgn ...
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    Amazing Woman Ltd

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 20M39,20M41
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    Ambience by Eos Scientific

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A11
    Eos Scientific is a leading scientific testing lab, helping develop the Ambience CBD range of eliquids and everyday use cosmetics including moisturisers, balms and oils.
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    Ameer Traders

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5B95
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    Ancient Mariner Trading

    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1G41
    Ancient Mariner Furniture as a wholesale furniture supplier; we specialise in providing handcrafted and handmade furniture and accessories to a wide variety of trade customers including shops, interio ...
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    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T25
    Handmade in Devon, we use the finest porcelain to produce high quality, beautiful Christmas Decorations, individual stunning ceramic Jewellery, bespoke gift tags & fridge magnets and are launching a n ...
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    Animal Daft Cards

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3M30
    Brand new, bright, fresh and full of fun!   Wild and domestic animals drawn with playful, mischievous and unanticipated absurdity. For children and playful adults only.
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    Anna Thompson Home Ltd

    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1K46
    Beautiful animal themed cushions and homewares designed using Anna's own vibrant artwork. All made in England using top quality materials. Perfect for high end shops and boutiques looking for somethin ...
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    April Cornell

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 7C10
    The philosophy of April Cornell is that creating beauty is not about the next tablecloth in your home or dress in your closet. It is about accenting your joy, it is about reflecting your life back to ...
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    Arch & Ivy

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3K41
    Arch & Ivy is a design led greeting card and stationery company, based in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. Our products are inspired by nature and the incredible colours and textures within it.
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    Archivist Gallery

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J03
    Witty, stylish British letterpress cards and Fine Matches.
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    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5M75
    What is Arckit ARCKIT is a freeform architectural modelling system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your ideas to life with speed and precision. Based on modern building techniq ...
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    Aroma Escapes

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6K09
    Aroma Escapes is a range of luxury candles and Reed diffusers which are 100% sustainable and are available in recycled glass! Candles are all 100% natural plant wax, with 8% essential oil or 8% fragra ...
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    Art Brand Studios

    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1E30
    At our core, Art Brand Studios publishes the highest quality Limited and Open Edition Fine Art. Artists and brands that we publish include but are not limited to Disney, Thomas Kinkade Studios, Marjol ...
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    Arthur Price

    Hall: 9 | Stand: 9F34
    Arthur Price: A British based company renowned for creating the finest quality cutlery, suitable for all occasions, the only UK cutlery manufacture to offer a no quibble guarantee.
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    Artichoke Cards

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5C82-D83
    Not only cards, but candles too! Artichoke Cards was established by Somerset-based designer Claire Gutsell, whose designs appear on cards, postcards and notebooks, as well as on her newest product The ...
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    Article White

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J08
    Article White (A modern fragrant dialogue) : An exploration of British wit and fragrant craftsmanship. Drawing upon modern cultural references to dance the scales of an olfactory alphabet.
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    Artsy Doormats

    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1F50-E51
    Artsy Doormats are designers & manufacturers of beautiful and novelty door mats. We create over 200 designs of Alcohol doormats, Novelty doormats, Glitter doormats, Christmas doormats, Prosecco doorma ...
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    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1C40
    ASG specializes in the product solution for furniture retailers, huge range of furniture, storage solution & garden ornaments, showroom only 7mins driving from NEC. ASG offers high-quality, commercial ...
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    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5L29
    Our mission is to provide you with innovative, profitable and straightforward solutions for your retail gift & souvenir requirements. We've worked with retailers just like you for 23 years 🚂 Come and ...
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    Ashwood & Rye

    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 10C20
    Spring Fair 2019 sees CDC launch it's new retail brand, Ashwood & Rye. We supply high quality, smartly packaged clothes hangers and other garment care/storage products to meet all needs and budgets. W ...
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    Asmara Leather

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 20J06
    Based in London, UK , Asmara leather specializes in the manufacture and distribution of quality leather bags and accessories at reasonable and customised prices through factory ownership & partnership ...
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    We are one of the most important business associations in Portugal concerning the furniture sector. We cover the municipalities of Paços de Ferreira and Paredes, north of Portugal, that is the main Po ...
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    Atelier Lila

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 19E07
    Atelier Lila is a company, that selects designs and fabrics with great care.All fabrics are natural blends and our line of paisley design is well known. We produce in fairtrade conditions and believe ...
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    Au Lac Designs Ltd

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 19D14
    Au Lac Designs established july 2000, manufacturing in Vietnam working with traditional artisan groups, handmade bespoke Jewelry, accessories, bags and gift. Au Lac has a high standard of quality and ...
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    Avanti Candles

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6T07
    Luxury Home Fragrance Handmade in Leicestershire, England. Vegan-Friendly Soy Wax Candles, Wax Melts, Reed Diffusers and Accessories.
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    AY Designs

    Hall: 18 | Stand: 18DQ54
    Boutique Fashion Jewellery Designer / Manufacturer / Wholesaler
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    B Star Trading Ltd

    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 11K31,11L40
    B Star Trading Ltd is a totally unique Importer, Exporter, Distributer, and Wholesaler, committed to providing outstanding value for money. We have been in business since 2000 and gradually growing ye ...
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    Baking Time Club

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5B132
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    Balade En Provence

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C07
    At Balade en Provence, we provide moments of happiness with Sensorial, Natural and Vegan skincare products made in France.     
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    Ballonet Socks

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 20M11
      Ballonet Socks was founded in 2012 to bring happiness and boldness to sock lovers’ feet. The vision to make quality socks with distinctive designs at meaningful prices was the inspiration to launch ...
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    Balloon Supply & Distribution ltd.

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5H120-J121
    UK Distributors of Tuf-Tex® premium quality event and decorator latex balloons and Flexmetal foil balloons, supplying direct to Farm attractions, Zoos, Theme Parks,Street Sellers, Leisure Events, Mark ...
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    Bark & Rock and Foundry Fifty

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6M33
    Bespoke and beautifully crafted books for the corporate, gift, cultural and heritage sector. __________________________________   At Bark & Rock, we are committed to the promotion of the sustainable u ...
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    Bathing Beauty

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20B25
    Bathing Beauty. Multi award winning, artisan skin care company, specialising in Plastic Free Products stylishly presented in   Zero Waste Packaging. The team behind the best selling Jones The Bones mu ...
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    Bcharmd Ltd

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 19E21
    Bcharmd is a unique and design led jewellery brand where creativity meets versatility. Established in 2010, British jewellery brand Bcharmd began its life as a local market stall, selling re-worked vi ...
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    Beautifully Handcrafted

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6G04
    Guided by looking to traditional techniques and combining state-of-the-art equipment, we fuse unique handcrafting skills from Cornwall to create a stunning collection of sustainable soy candles. We ma ...
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    Beauty Expression UK Ltd.

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20C25
    Beauty Expression is a supplier of high quality, natural and organic beauty products, perfectly suitable for consumer and professional needs. At the Spring Fair we will present: Acquarella - a unique, ...
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    Bee Blissful

    Hall: 9 | Stand: 9C18
    Bee Blissful makes reusable drinking bottles from ti-borosilicate glass. We are part of the solution against excessive single use plastic use, while offering a stylish, environmentally and health frie ...
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    BeeBee Wraps

    Hall: 9 | Stand: 9C17
    The Organic Plastic-Free Clingfilm Alternative BeeBee organic cotton and beeswax wraps are your compostable, breathable alternative to single-use plastic, helping to reduce plastic pollution and food ...
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    Bekbek Makes

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 20M12
    Bekbek Makes creates cute and quirky glittery illustrated wooden pin badges and jewellery. Individually handmade from sustainable birch wood. Custom designs are also available.  
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    Belgian Greetings

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3K18-L19
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    Below the Belt Grooming

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A36
    Below the Belt Grooming is a British skin care range for men; uniquely formulated to provide long-lasting comfort and freshness all day, everyday. With specific expertise in products that keep the gro ...
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    Bennett and Dunn

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5C82-D83
    Bennett and dunn are artisan producers of award winning cold pressed Rapeseed oil, Dressings and infused oils Bennett & Dunn also produce the Great Ness brand of Cold pressed Rapeseed oil 
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    Bentu Ltd

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 20J27
    We are Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of gloves,  socks, hats, scarves and other textile aceessories throughout the UK and Europe. Our products range is constantly evolving, with new ideas ...
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    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 12E14
    Bestsellers Direct Ltd - Sheffield We are one of the UK's leading Discount Book Wholesalers stocking a broad range of Remainder and Re-printed titles.  Categories include Children's Books, Food & Drin ...
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    Bethlehem Baubles

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6J14
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    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3M47
    Bettie Confetti greeting cards are all about poking fun, saying it how it is and of course making you (and more importantly your customers) laugh.   We then cover everything in a healthy dose of sarca ...
  • New

    Betty Hula

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20A15
    Bettyhula is an award-winning range of Hawaiian inspired exotic scented, natural skincare care products/gifts. Ranges include natural lip balms and polish, dusting powder, body creams, hand washes, ha ...
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    Beytuğ Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti

    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 10B09
    Beytug Textile Beytug Textile is established in 1997 as Beysu Textile and continued with this name till 2009, where the growing demand from loyal customers of Tugcan Textile and Beysu Textile resulted ...
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    Big Potato Limited

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6L30
    We are Big Potato Games.   Based in Shoreditch in East London, we’re a board game company that loves turning our hands to all sorts of projects – from shout-out party games to death-dodging escape gam ...
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    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 20K08
    Set up by brothers Quentin and Jean Baptiste Gaveau in 2012, Billy Belt is a vibrant and energetic brand of men's accessories from Lille in France. At the heart of the collection lies the classic wove ...
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    Bizzi Growin Up! Ltd

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5L54
    Bizzi Growin Up! Ltd is a  trend led nursery textiles company, supplying beautiful knitted blankets, cushions, nursery bedding, toys, blanket and toy gift sets, play mats, nursing cushions, everything ...
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    Bloom Artisan Brands

    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6R19
    Welcome to Bloom Artisan Brands we are specialists in the UK distribution of niche hand picked brands from around the world. Our portfolio of brands all have an amazing creative story and passionate o ...
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    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 6P44
    We're an established eCommerce agency that helps B2C and B2B brands grow faster by providing great design, great technology, and great service.  Our customers span many retail industries, from fashion ...
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    Blue Canyon Ltd

    Hall: 9 | Stand: 9K50-L51,9K46-L47
    Blue Canyon’s stylish and design led portfolio includes bathroom and lifestyle accessories such as toilet brushes, shower sets, towel rails, mirrors, co-ordinated fittings, and laundry hampers, as wel ...
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    Blue Roo Imports LTD

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3G25
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    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 19F06
    Bluelily.925silver ® offer an in-expensive range of Sterling silver studs,earrings, pendants and rings. The items are delivered to you  in a simple White branded re-cycled paper box...... it looks Fan ...
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    Hall: 6-7 & 20 | Stand: 20E46-F47
    Bodytox - effective natural health patch products based on the reflexology concept. 15th years improving well-being and vitality in the UK and abroad.
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    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5A132
  • New

    Bona Limited

    Hall: 9 | Stand: 9K31
    We are market leaders in wood floor care with 100 years of experience. Bona is a Swedish, family owned company that has pioneered safe, environmentally friendly products such as dust-free sanding equi ...
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    Bondeye Optical Limited

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 20K38
  • New

    Boutique Chocolat Ltd

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5B131
  • New

    Bows & Toes

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 19F14
      We are the designers behind our quality stick-on-nails for women and press-on-nails for children. Each set brings out the individuality of a person, expressing their personality and imagination like ...
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    Boxhut Limited

    Hall: 1 | Stand: 1D54
    Boxhut prides itself in producing beautifully handcrafted and high quality functional storage solutions which are aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly blend in with modern living.
  • New

    Boxine UK Ltd

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5J89
    Let your children’s imagination run free! Introducing the new audio system that changes the way children listen to stories and music – it’s like nothing you've ever heard before. Intuitive like child’ ...
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    Hall: 10-12 | Stand: 11L20
  • New

    Brianmedia LTD

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3L46
    FAbooks established in Turkey in 2015. Although FAbooks is new in the publishing sector, it has already established itself as a well-known trademark in Turkey, including a wide range of gift books, se ...
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    Build & Grow

    Hall: 5 | Stand: 5C82-D83
    Build & Grow.co is the newest member of the Grow Sow Simple family, with the aim of getting children growing fresh herbs and vegetables. The range of 3D Puzzle Gardens is fun, engaging and educational ...
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    Bumble Wrap

    Hall: 9 | Stand: 9C59
  • New

    Burchgrove Group

    Hall: 8 | Stand: 8A02
  • New

    By Molly & Izzie

    Hall: 19-20 | Stand: 19C04
    All of our products are produced in house in our Cumbria Studio using high quality materials, where possible sourced locally.  Our creative team are constantly adding new products to ensure that our r ...
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    C.R. Gibson

    Hall: 3-3A | Stand: 3W03
    C.R. Gibson are a major supplier to US mass retailers but new to the UK & European markets.  Stationery is at the heart of our C.R. Gibson® brands, selling more than five million journals annually.  F ...
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    Caitlin Victoria Jewellery

    Hall: 18 | Stand: 18DQ22
    Caitlin Victoria is a contemporary jewellery company aiming to bridge the gap between the high street and high end. All work is lovingly both designed and hand made by Caitlin in her home studio in th ...
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