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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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Yoshi Goods

Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 2K20

Yoshi is a breath of fresh air, a thunderclap in a blue sky, and a metaphor for quality. Behind the Yoshi brand sits over 50 years of experience in product design, manufacturing and more importantly the handcrafting of leather. This is reflected in the modern and innovative designs that can be seen season after season, year after year. All Yoshi products are crafted using the finest leather and unsurpassed
production techniques with attention paid to every last feature, detail and stitch. 


United Kingdom


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Contact Exhibitor

  • Time to get nostalgic… Be Kind Rewind, our iconic collection emboldened with some of the best cinematic fair the 80’s has to offer is back with a fresh new facelift. Celebrating this eclectic decade o ...
  • Let us introduce you to our yummiest collection, the mightily playful Pick N Mix… Adorned with a hand-picked selection of scrumptious confectionery; the tasty Cola Bottle (a personal favourite!), the ...
  • Capturing an intimate moment between this majestic mother and her bashful calf. Vibrant Red evokes thoughts of sunset, creating the perfect backdrop for these graceful creatures, whilst giving promine ...
  • Our hugely popular collection honouring the profoundly influential Bronte siblings; Anne, Charlotte snd Emily. Three women who changed the face of literature with their passion, originality and intrep ...
  • Adventure looks imminent for this curious rabble of canine companions. They are a stylish bunch with the fluffiest White Poodle in his dapper bow tie and the cute Chihuahua in her quilted coat. This B ...
  • Look who’s squawking… Introducing our vibrant collection of feathered friends, Pandemonium of Parrots. It’s a Harmony of colour for these magnificent macaws with their plethora of rainbow feathers. Pe ...
  • Inspired by the tranquility of the night; Midnight Cats captures the enchantment of evenings spent gazing at the stars. Adorned with two exquisite furry felines, our Calico and Tabby Cats, who can be ...
  • Spine-chilling, blood-curdling, intoxicating. This collections shows reverence to one of our favourite genres of literature. With its edgy, clashing colours our Horror Bookworm is as striking as they ...
  • As well as our classic Black and Brown we will be introducing three exciting new colours to our core collection, launching here at Spring Fair.

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