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Welcome to Rebecca Tracey, where we provide aromatherapy products crafted to enhance both body and mind. Inspired by nature, all our offerings are made from 100% essential oils and handcrafted in our UK workshop, located just outside the beautiful Shakespearean town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Our diverse range includes candles, ratan reed diffusers, room sprays, essential oils, skincare, soaps, creams, and more. Discover the natural goodness of our products and elevate your well-being with Rebecca Tracey.



United Kingdom


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  • We offer two Aromatherapy Roller Ball gift sets. Calming Set - De-stress and enjoy this wonderfully relaxing trio of aromatherapy blends. Gently drift off to the land of slumber and stars with Sleep W ...
  • Introducing our beautiful night-time pillow spray to help relax and ease you into a deep and sound slumber. A luxurious enveloping 100% pure essential oil aroma created using 10 soothing essential oil ...
  • We offer two different types of bath salts. Soothing Bath Salts - Soothe and relax in our therapeutic blend of Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan Salts fill with calcium, magnesium and zinc to help detoxify, ...
  • A special new fragrant candle that I’ve created to help support our magnificent National Health Service. I wanted to create something that is fresh, uplifting and inspiring … and believe that the posi ...

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