Raspberry Blossom

Stand: 3S25

Hello there! We're a family-run independent company, who set out to inspire everyday moments of joy through our thoughtfully created and colourful products.

Cor! it's 2024! And what's more, we're turning 10! For Spring Fair we're bringing all the goodies this year. We have over 100 new greeting card additions for you to enjoy across five new exciting everyday colelctions 'Modern Life', Nurture', 'Sunshine', 'Bow-Wows & Meow-Wows' and Little Joys' as well as introducing brilliantly colourful new additons across our popular existing and award-winning collections.

We will also be launching our everyday home and giftware collection with Widdop & Co. Filled with everything from colourful vases, cake stands to napkins that will make your table setting pop, all with our bright, colourful contemporary design, it is a veritable feast for the eyes!

Plus with the wonderful people at Penny Kennedy, we have produced a gift packaging collection so full of colour and luxe finishing details it quarantees your customer the titel of 'best gift presenter' among their freineds and family.

And while you're there, you can win some big prizes when placing your order with our retro tombola!

So come and say 'Hey!', we'd love to meet you at stand 3S25.

Rebecca and Mark x


United Kingdom



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  • The look and feel from 1970s is having a huge resurgence and has become extremely super popular in interiors and fashion. A collection of 14 cards that is full of fun and will definately put a smile o ...
  • 'Canvas Creations' is a collection that has been given an expressive license with bold colours and a free-flowing design direction.   There are 8 cards in collection that are all Birthday focussed.
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  • Our 'Happiness' collection is all about bringing joy and life to the stationery we've created. Colour is embedded within each design as we believe it can lift moods and make us more focused, engaged a ...
  • We have wanted to add a mini card collection into our offering for a while to make our portfolio of cards as rounded and accessible as possible. Some of the designs are inspired by our bestselling des ...
  • This collection was created during reflection on our favourite collections from our 10 years of design. Rebecca loves drawing flowers and wanted to introduce a collection that had abstract florals wit ...
  • Modern Life is a collection that stylishly finds the funny side of very relatable moments in present-day living, designed with contemporary hand-painted characters, bold colour palette and foil finish ...
  • Our award winning Pawsome collection, with all our cute and furry cats and dogs, have had a litter of their own! 8 in total – 5 puppies and 3 kittens that all come with a cream envelope. They are die ...
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