Raine & Humble

Stand: 8F70

Their latest collection, The Woof Range is crafted with love for the cherished members of the R & H extended family, this collection is a joyful and heartfelt homage to the furry companions who grace our lives with their unwavering love, boundless support, and a reminder to embrace life’s lighter side.

Australian brand Raine & Humble have been in the UK & Europe since 2014 with their exclusive distributor Morgan Wright Ltd.

Each collection loving designed in Australia before being brought to life in their factory in India. Their signature hand drawn designs are traditionally screen printed on recycled fabric and 100% cotton.

By integrating a recycled fabric initiative and saying no to plastic packaging, Raine & Humble minimises their carbon footprint at every turn. They are also proud to uphold industry- leading European standards in dyeing and textile manufacture.

Guided by Vanji’s dedication to philanthropic work for the marginalised in India, their business proactively supports the skilled craftspeople in the community, ensuring secure livelihoods for their families.

For those who know that life is infinitely better with a furry friend by their side, the Woof Textile Range is a delightful tribute to the dogs who have become integral parts of our families.

The range is a vibrant burst of colours, a true celebration of life and love. With dog prints that capture the spirit of our playful companions and whimsical frills that evoke a sense of fun; the checkered and pin-striped weaves pay homage to the classic patterns we love.


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