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Professor Puzzle specialise in the design and manufacture of the best games, puzzles, and brainteasers from around the globe. Our focus is on developing and delivering fun, creative products that exercise brains, spark imaginations and demand to be played.


We create a catalogue of games and puzzles for independent stores and major chains to select from, as well as supplying exceptional and inspiring ranges of custom products to the world’s biggest retailers. 


United Kingdom


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  • Be the first to get the right answer in the fewest clues with this fast-paced trivia game. The clues get easier, but the less you use, the more points you win! Rainbow Go! has been shortlisted for the ...
  • Roll the dice, then try to connect the sets and pick up the most pieces! Who will claim victory in this original strategy game? Hexagone has been shortlisted for the Gift of the Year Award (2023).
  • Curse of the Dark Solve the mystery of a doomed village, its cursed castle, and the evil creature lurking inside, in this thrilling collaborative game! Including 22 interlinked puzzles and innovative ...
  • Great Minds ...inspire great things! Celebrating the brightest and best minds from history, this collection of wooden and metal puzzles makes for a real test of brainpower. Absorbing, inspirational, a ...
  • Take your pick of our vibrant jigsaws - from mini collectible puzzles to 1,000-piece challenges. Discover food and drink from around the world, cuddle up with your favourite furry friends, or explore ...

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