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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery

Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 3E15

Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery was founded in 2005 by fashion enthusiast and Jewellery designer Ilana Ewing, who had the brilliant and compelling idea of bringing new designs and materials from the Amazon Rainforest, 60% of which is located in her native Brazil, to the ever-changing and developing fashion scene of Edinburgh, Scotland. Ilana's beautiful blends of raw and natural materials, vibrant colours, and encaptivating textures are created with respect, conscientiousness, responsibility, and heart. In 2018, Ilana partnered with fellow Edinburgh resident and Brazil native Amália Wragg to create stunning, vividly coloured, and pleasant pieces that allowed the two to showcase the wonder of their country of origin to the European market which was waiting for something new and unique to come along. Together, Ilana and Amália design and create classy jewellery using organic, natural, and ethically sourced materials from the Amazon rainforest of South America. Their pieces keep their charm without sacrificing sustainability.

At Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery, we recognise the importance of taking care of our planet and the people who call it home. Many of our ethically sourced materials found in our eco-jewellery which we bring to Scotland come from a renewable and sustainable material known as Tagua, or Vegetable Ivory, the harvesting of which creates tens of thousands of jobs for South American residents who reside in the regions of Tropical Rainforest where the specific palm tree species that grow the material are found.

From the skilled hands of workers at small cooperatives in South America who polish the Tagua, drill holes and dye our precious materials, each of our eco-jewellery pieces is then affectionately and delicately handmade in Scotland by Ilana and Amália.



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  • The Friendship Tagua Bracelet is made with delicate squares cut from the tagua nut - Vegetable Ivory with raw brass details. These bracelets are stylish, super comfortable, and it is made to be worn a ...
  • The Dainty Collection is made with delicate squares hand cut from the tagua nut - Vegetable Ivory. The Dainty Triple Tagua Bracelet is stylish, amazingly comfortable, and it is made to be worn alone o ...
  • Gorgeous hand drilled and dyed Acai (Ah-si-ee) seeds prepared for us from artisans in the Amazon. The colour variations in these seeds are so refreshing and gorgeous. All colours are very neutral whic ...
  • These simple statement earrings liven up anything in your closet. You can select from a range of six cool colours and it is finished with a raw brass charm. 100% organic, vegan and biodegradable  Ethi ...
  • These uncomplicated Minimal Drop Tagua Earrings create a subtle aesthetic. The bombona tagua at the end adds a splash of colour and fun, to finish this super easy to wear earrings. 100% organic, vegan ...
  • The Organico Necklaces are stunning and bold, a statement piece that speaks for itself with such vibrant and catching colours. 100% organic, vegan and biodegradable  Ethically made in Scotland 6 colou ...
  • A minimalist yet stylish piece of jewellery that is small and delicate, it is suitable for any occasion. 100% organic, vegan and biodegradable  Ethically designed in Scotland and handmade in Colombia ...
  • The Tapajos Tagua Chain Necklace is versatile and elegant, made with beautiful pieces of Tagua nut shavings that resemble stone cuts, perfect gift or for your everyday look handmade and organic jewell ...
  • Petala necklace is a beautiful necklace to wear. Slices of tagua that are hand-cut and polished make the focal point of this piece which is finished by smaller beads made from açai seed to give balanc ...
  • The Buriti Lariat Tagua Necklace is delicate with a boho-chic style, perfect for everyday use.  100% organic, vegan and biodegradable  Ethically made in Scotland Buriti cord - from the Moriche Palm tr ...
  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    We have sustainability as a core factor of our company since we started about 20 years ago
    Sustainability initiatives
    We work with small communities in South America where being sustainable and ethical is very important, we help our co-workers sustainably source all our materials in order for them to always have a job
    Pledges for the year
    Through the pandemic we have founded our own "A Helping Hand Project" where we donate 10% of our profits to our co-workers in Colombia, we think it is very important to help the ones that make our work possible
    Sustainable Products
    Friendship Tagua Bracelet
    These bracelets are stylish, super comfortable, and it is made to be worn alone or stacked the choice is yours. Organic, vegan and biodegradable Ethically made in Scotland Raw brass squares Adjustable fastener Square tagua nut from the Amazonian Rainforest
    Natura Tagua Nut Necklace
    In this necklace, a mix of neutral colours blends harmoniously into the overall picture. 100% organic, vegan and biodegradable Designed in Scotland and ethically made in Colombia Metal-free with a handmade macrame finish Length approximately 75cm open
    Petala Tagua Necklace
    Petala necklace is a beautiful necklace to wear. Slices of tagua that are hand-cut and polished make the focal point of this piece which is finished by smaller beads made from açai seed to give balance to the design and to make it more comfortable to wear. 100% organic, vegan and biodegradable Ethically made in Ecuador Handmade loop clasp, no metal in this item.
    Social equity at your company
    By visiting South America and making sure they have what they need to be able to work in the right environment and being paid fairly
    Our packaging is plastic free
    Our packaging is made with recycled content
    We only reuse package that has been sent to us from our suppliers, our jewellery comes with cotton bags handmade in Colombia by single mothers that work in our workshop there
    Our products are plastic free
    We have products made from sustainability sourced raw materials
    We use seeds and nuts as well as natural fibers all sourced from the Amazon rainforest in Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil
    Ethical Considerations
    Fair wages are paid to the people who make our products
    Our products are made by people employed in good working conditions
    We challenge our suppliers to report any ethical issues they identify
    Within the workplace where our products are made there is commitment to Non-Discrimination Gender Equality and Freedom of Association
    We are in close contact with our co-workers in South America with weekly zoom calls and also visiting whenever possible
  • Carriage paid £300 minimum order
  • Pretty Pink Eco Jewellery brings Brazilian flair to UK Edinburgh-based eco jewellery makers Ilana Ewing and Amália Wragg have come a long way since moving from their native Brazil in 2005. Their eco-j ...
  • This is a fun piece to wear and it will definitely turn heads. Chunky grape size cuts of Vegetable Ivory (Tagua nut) attached to each other with waxed cotton. The clasp is handmade and there are no me ...

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