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A privately owned Danish company established in 2009, the head office and manufacturing facilities are located in Holbaek near Copenhagen, our US offices in South Carolina and Ohio and in January 2023, we opened our UK office in Berkshire.  Plus-Plus distributes to more than 40 countries across Europe, North American, Middle East and Asia. Plus-Plus fits well at retail as well as within the education sector having a diverse product range to fit both channels. 

The one shape design, open ended play pattern and the availability in a world of colourful pieces, makes Plus-Plus appeal to all ages and abilities.  Kids can create mosaics in 2D,  3D animals and characters and even curves thanks to its unique design and one shape - the possibilities are endless and with Plus-Plus kids imaginations can be set free to play




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  • Plus-Plus tubes are available in 100pcs or 240pc, while the whopping one metre tube contains 520pc, all of which offer open play and creativity.   This diverse and creative range offers something for ...
  • Observe, admire and create with the open-ended Inspired Series.  The only instruction is to exercise your imagination.  Each tube contains 350 Plus-Plus pieces inspired by the colour palette of iconic ...
  • Plus-Plus BIG is specifically aimed at tots aged one to six years of age, and is perfectly safe from birth due to its safe BPA-free and Phthalate-free plastic construction and it’s perfect size and ta ...
  • Discover the fun of Glow in the Dark.   Build glowing 2D mosaics and 3D models or anything else you can imagine with this set which includes a mix of 360pcs in both glow and regular coloured pieces.  ...
  • Trending as the cutest amphibian,delve into the 100pc tube to create a Glow in the Dark Axolotl.  Whilst critically endangered in the wild, these make the cutest pets for kids to keep safely at home!  ...
  • Learn to Build Robots is a colourful set which includes 275pcs of Plus-Plus and a variety of accessories to create whacky robots.  The set is carefully curated to provide you with everything you need ...
  • Learn to Build Pets is a colourful set which includes 275pcs Plus-Plus pieces and a variety of accessories to create the pets you love – with a twist!  Build quirky, fun and colourful pets of your own ...
  • Flex. Fidget. Play.   Unleash your creativity to construct a wide array of configurations, structures and combinations with Hexel, the ultimate fidget toy. Encourages hand-eye co-ordination and stimul ...
  • Plus-Plus

    01 Jan 2024 Plus-Plus
    London 2024 - Plus-Plus, located in Denmark, creates toys which spark the imagination and creativity in children of all ages with the aim to Set Play Free!  
  • Plus-Plus Learn to Build Robots

    01 Jan 2024 Plus-Plus
    Featuring refreshed eye-catching packaging and include a carefully curated 250 colourful pieces plus accessories in each set, Robots is perfect for open play or kids can use the guides for inspiration ...
  • Plus-Plus Hexel

    01 Jan 2024 Plus-Plus
    An engaging and vibrant fidget toy, consisting of six large Plus-Plus pieces interconnected by an elastic cord.  Players of any age can release their creativity to shapeshift each piece to make a wide ...

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