Paper Mirchi

Stand: 3S34
  • Christmas, Festive & Floral
  • Greetings Cards, Stationery & Wrapping
  • Party & Celebration

Paper Mirchi started over a dinner table conversation and is born out of my love for beautiful wrapping and passion for tradition. I have always been intrigued by ancient textile processes such as block printing and tie & dye, where design and colours come together to create stunning patterns. My aim is to create high quality gift wrap and greeting cards that are unusual and beautiful, yet affordable.

Craft traditions worldwide face serious challenges competing in a world overflowing with mass-produced products. At Paper Mirchi, we work closely with small family-run units in India, where the artisans are passionate about their craft which has been passed down through generations.

All the paper that we use is 100% tree-free and made using recycled cotton rags. Our paper is not only eco-friendly and recyclable, it feels great too!



United Kingdom


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