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Spring Furniture Collection 2024

We invite you to explore the Nila Palmer Designs 2024 furniture collection, a curated ensemble where floral elegance meets functional design. This year, we delve into an array of botanical themes, from the enchanting depths of ancient forests to the vibrant, sun-kissed tropics and the timeless charm of Arts and Crafts motifs. Our collection celebrates the natural world, seamlessly integrating it into the art of home furnishings.

Our cabinet selections are a testament to this celebration, featuring two exquisite large cabinets that nod to the serene beauty of lotus leaves, each piece meticulously crafted to be both a visual treat and a practical storage solution. For more compact spaces, we offer smaller two-door cabinets that marry convenience with artistic flair, ensuring that even the cosiest of rooms can enjoy a splash of design and utility.

The sofa range within this collection is nothing short of breath taking. Picture low-backed, gracefully curved settees, each adorned with opulent floral prints that promise to inject a ‘wow’ factor into your living space. Complementing these are our square poufs; versatile in their use; they offer a chic resting place for your feet or a charming makeshift seating option.



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