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At Nature Planet we believe doing the right thing, is always the right thing to do.


Our founding aspiration and continued purpose is to make a difference for the better. In society, for the environment, in the gift shop industry and for the people we do business with. That is why, we give back a share of our annual revenue to charity organizations who support third world communities and conservation of nature and endangered animal species.


That is why, we always focus on reuse, reduce, and recycle when we design, source, and produce better and responsible giftshop products – exclusively through audited and responsible partners.


That is why, we strive to make a difference for the better in every giftshop in the world, through quality products and our value creating business system designed to ease and improve, how you operate and optimize your gift shop.  


At Nature Planet we don’t just design, produce and distribute quality products for giftshops. We extend happy memories from your attraction and create value for your business!


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  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    Preserving the environment and nature has always been deeply rooted in our DNA and throughout the years we have supported many good causes and increasingly focused on reducing the environmental impact of the materials in our products – it's at the core of what Nature Planet are and what we do! Sustainability is becoming more and more complex and legislated. We believe sustainability and ESG should be tangible and driven by concrete data and actions. Our focus from 2022 has therefore been to establish our European ESG baseline and create transparency within selected areas. Although we reuse, reduce and recycle whenever we can, it is clear, that there is much more we can do. As the industry leader we take it upon us to set the bar high and lead by example.
    Sustainability initiatives
    From day one, we wanted to do things differently - we want to make a difference! In 2022 we managed to replace 67,2 ton of plastic pellets with recycled polyester stuffing in our plush toys, equivalent to a reduction of 210 ton CO2 emission. We support the Sustainable Development Goals, and are passionate about making a difference – for children in the 3rd world countries; the red pandas and for our Fair trade & Community suppliers, and we will continue to support these and more in the years to come.
    Pledges for the year
    Usage of materials with less environmental impact is an area where we can make a difference and we will use 2024 to create further transparency on these and define strategic initiatives and we will continue to source new bio/eco-friendly alternatives to regular plastic.
    Sustainable Products
    Re-PETs 100% Plastic to Plush Range
    Whilst all Nature Planet Plush are made from 100% Recycled Stuffing, our collection of Re-PETs are made 100% from recycled plastic bottles and are the cutest, most realistic looking Re-PET ranges on the market. Each beautiful toy is finished with a Recycled Hangtag printed with soy ink and attached with an un-dyed cotton string. RPET comes from plastic used for packaging of water & soda bottles. The plastic is collected, sorted, cleaned and shredded into pellets, then melted and spun into threads. The threads are then knitted or woven into fabric to make your favourite plush toy. Recycling plastics obviously helps decrease the amount of plastic waste that enters landfills or even worse ends up in the nature. Plastics in landfills takes thousands of years to break down, and can leak toxic chemicals into the Earth and our animals. By recycling we also use less of the earth’s resources. Creating a plastic water bottle from 100% recycled content uses 75% less energy than its virgin counterpart. Although some energy and water is still needed to process these plastics into new forms, the amount is significantly less than creating first-time plastics.
    Organic Collection
    Our Organic ranges of Organic Cotton Throws; Plush, T-Shirts; Totebags; Gymbags; Pouches & Purses all use cotton which is a renewable source, but for these lines we have taken it one step further and used organic grown cotton. Organic cotton is grown under strict guidelines to ensure that it has the lowest possible impact upon the environment. Organic Certification is all about how the raw materials for the fabric are grown and developed. No GMO seeds are used and no petroleum based fertilisers, pesticides and synthetic products to prevent weeds.
    Recycled Paper Range
    Our Recycled Notebooks, Jigsaws & Memory Games are all made of recycled paper. Recycling waste paper into new paper products conserves natural resources, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
    Social equity at your company
    We set a standard for our suppliers and only work with suppliers who share our values regarding social responsibility, and who prioritise fair and safe working conditions. We require our suppliers to hold a social audit certificate which confirms a company’s endeavours, procedures, and code of conduct regarding social responsibility and the company's impact on society. We published our first ESG Report in 2022.
    Certified sustainable products by third party

    Certified by
    Nature Planet has been OEKO-TEX certified since 2017 and have an exclusive collection of OEKO-TEX baby products. These plush are 100% made of OEKO-TEX certified materials. All our wooden toy products are all FSC certified.
    Our packaging is made with recycled content
    We are in the process of making our packaging plastic free
    We use NO single use plastic; NO plastic taggers; NO plastic windows and NO plastic pellets. We re-use and pack in boxes delivered from our suppliers as much as possible and over 90% of these are made of recycled cardboard. We are working very closely with all our suppliers to ensure that we have a 100% recycled cardboard box delivery to our customers within 2024. The paper we use to pack within our cardboard boxed is 100% recycled. The usage of materials in our products and packaging which have minimal environmental impact is a key focus for Nature Planet, and an area where we are consistently aiming to improve and be more transparent.
    We have products made from recycled materials
    We have created products that provide an alternative to single use plastic
    We have products made from sustainability sourced raw materials
    All our Plush ranges are stuffed with 100% recycled stuffing and our Re-PETs plastic to plush range is made 100% from plastic bottles. We use Recycled Hangtags printed with soy ink and attached with an un-dyed cotton string. We have a bio plastic range made from 94% sugarcane & 6% Bamboo Fibres. Our Care Sets & Medical Set Carriers are now made of 60% wheat fibers & 40% PP Plastic. We are continually introducing new ranges including our Organic Cotton, Cotton Plush and recycled textile ranges, thus moving to renewable sources. All our Wooden Toys are FSC certified and all our Notebooks; Puzzles and pencils in tube are made from recycled paper.
    Ethical Considerations
    Fair wages are paid to the people who make our products
    Our products are made by people employed in good working conditions
    We have mapped our entire supply chain
    We challenge our suppliers to report any ethical issues they identify
    We have an ethical policy
    Within the workplace where our products are made there is commitment to Non-Discrimination Gender Equality and Freedom of Association
    We set a standard for our suppliers. We require our suppliers to hold a social audit certificate which confirms a company’s endeavours, procedures, and code of conduct regarding social responsibility and the company's impact on society. In addition, we also subscribe to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and expect all our suppliers to comply with this in addition to the laws of the countries where its businesses are located.
    Enviromental Impact
    Our products are created to help consumers try and reduce their carbon footprint
    We have a sustainability policy
    We consider the environmental impact when creating our products
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are energy efficient
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are water efficient
    We are committed to do our utmost to minimise our environmental impact. We support all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) when it comes to the environment – to minimise our environmental impact and to take action to reduce the degradation of natural habitats, halt the loss of biodiversity and to protect and prevent the extinction of threatened species. We make financial contributions to the Red Panda Network, we don’t use chemicals on our premises, and we have designed an outdoor flower area as a bee-bar, for the benefit of the small pollinators and other insects.

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