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Life's Little Bugs

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Life's Little Bugs unique award-winning book series and resources help fast track children into healthy habits without tantrums and tears!

These books will stir up kids' imagination and fire up their brain waves with rhyming text and relatable characters. They teach about brushing teeth with Gum Bug, washing hands with Tummy Bug, or being kind and respectful with Doodle Bug.

Hum Bug learned that having a positive attitude was much more fun and Fitness Bug's story teaches that healthy food choices and exercise benefit everyone!

Read how Litter Bug changed his messy ways to care for our environment, and how practising the healthy habits in Flu Bug's book prevent germs from spreading.

Use Life's Little Bugs books as an individual learning aid for one specific healthy habit or collect the whole book set to support and encourage fundamental practices to a young child.

Before you know it, children will be 'bugging you' to read another Life's Little Bugs book and learn a new healthy habit!


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  • Life's Little Bugs unique award-winning book series help fast track children into healthy habits without tantrums and tears! These books will stir up kids' imagination and fire up their brain waves wi ...
  • 'Don't chuck rubbish or wrappers and cans anymore put them all in a bin, and not on the floor.'   Litter Bug is a silly bug that thinks it is fun to drop litter with their sidekick 'Fly' always close ...
  • 'To keep out Gum Bug and decay your teeth need cleaning every day.' Gum Bug loves to damage our teeth and gums with a 'plaque attack!' But we can prevent this from happening by learning how to stop Gu ...
  • 'Washing hands before meals and after the loo means the miserable Tummy Bug won't affect you.' With a swirling tummy of green and yellow, Tummy Bug is a rather unhygienic fellow. Read how Jeff, the ca ...
  • If you think you can, you will see... you will be the best you can be!' Hum Bug is that miserable little bug who always says, 'I can't!' Enjoy reading how positive thinking helps Hum Bug to think 'I c ...
  • 'With good food and exercise right from the start, you'll always stay healthy and happy of heart.' Fitness Bug loves nothing more than a healthy meal, and a few star-jumps to liven up. Join in this st ...
  • 'If addicted to doodling your urge must be checked, and on places, not yours you must show them respect.' Doodle Bug is obsessed with drawing on EVERYTHING, and always ready with a spare paintbrush in ...
  •   'To stop the spread of a Flu-like disease, cover your mouth when you cough or you sneeze!' Colds and coughs aren't much fun, but Flu Bug thinks it's all in a day's work to share themself around. Fin ...
  • Life's Little Bugs books

    14 Jan 2021 Tina Stubbs
  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    Sustainability plays a conscious part in the concept of Life's Little Bugs, I encourage care for the environment with my book Litter Bug, and teach the impact kindness and respect has on everything, including our planet with Doodle Bug's story.
    Sustainability initiatives
    As far as I am aware, all the papers these days for book printing are FSC accredited. I have all the books designed as ebooks to implement more digital use to help cut down on shipping travel, paper, which you get with printed products... I also encourage and teach many aspects of sustainability within my workshops which I visit schools and clubs with. I aim to teach the practice of environmental and social habits with my Life's Little Bugs books, activities and resources, so these positive behaviours become part of a child's development from an early age. My latest is about outdoor learning called 'Life's Little Bugs Go Wild', and this teaches children to connect with nature and respect our planet.
    Pledges for the year
    My focus is to encourage healthy habits in children with my Life's Little Bugs characters, so they become a natural part of their behaviour. I believe with the practice of fundamental healthy habits comes healthy adults, society and planet.
    Sustainable Products
    Life's Little Bugs ebooks
    Life's Little Bugs is also digital to save on paper usage and adverse effects of transport.
    Life's Little Bugs Go Wild workshop and resources.
    A collaboration of all the characters and their habits to take outdoors into nature. Here children will benefit from being outdoors as well as learning respect for the surroundings, encouraging imagination, healthier sleep patterns, confidence, exercise and many more proven benefits.
    Social equity at your company
    Currently, it is just me. I am involved with Wokinghams wellbeing, libraries and events with my books and workshops. In Nepal, the charity' Clouds in the Sky' uses Tummy Bug to teach hand-washing as a starting point for the Crest Science award and 'Creating Better Futures' is also using the books in Zimbabwe and 'Their Future Today' charity in Sri Lanka to support young children's education there. Another special moment for us was Great Ormond Street Hospital writing to us saying our donated books will be in the hospital school!
    Ethical Considerations
    Fair wages are paid to the people who make our products
    Enviromental Impact
    We consider the environmental impact when creating our products
  • Life's Little Bugs Workshops

    23 Jan 2021 Tina Stubbs
    Life's Little Bugs also runs workshops based on the characters and their healthy habit. Our healthy habit workshops engage children through the Life’s Little Bugs fun characters and activities to teac ...
  • Workshop links and testimonials from a pilot scheme ran with Berkshire schools Sept to Dec 2020 https://lifes-little-bugs.thinkific.com/
  • Story bags 11 x Doodle Bug 8 x Flu Bug 12 x Gum Bug 7 x Tummy Bug 8 x Hum Bug
  • Limited amount of Big Bug books and story bags available: Litter Bug x 3 Flu Bug x 3 Gum Bug x 2 Tummy Bug x3 Fitness Bug x 2
  • Life's Little Bugs Healthy Habits

    23 Jan 2021 Tina Stubbs
    A short animation describing what each of the Life's Little Bugs characters represent
  • A short introduction to Tina Stubbs and her Life's Little Bugs books and concept. Made for the 2021 Spring Fair NEC, as an SBS winner for the entrepreneur and Dragons Den judge Theo Paphitis SBS award ...
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