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Kleen-Tex – the world at your feet!

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mats and we have acquired multiple well known brands such as...

Turtle Mat

The original dirt-trapping doormat. Premium cotton washable doormats that trap 95% of dirt, dust and moisture from entering homes. Made from recycled cotton and guaranteed for 5 years, Turtle Mats offer classic plain and on-trend designs.


Creative, stylish and functional floormats – wash+dry offers stylish nylon design mats, runners and rugs available in a large range of sizes and featuring collections from contemporary designers as well as practical plains. wash+dry products can be hygienically machine washed up to 60°C and tumble dried – all with a 5-year guarantee.

Dirt Trapper

Machine washable cotton mats helping to stop dirt in its tracks and reducing the need to clean. Dirt Trapper Mats focus on simple plain colours and designs and come with a 2-year guarantee and an anti-slip backing.


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  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    Sustainability is at the core of our strategic plan, guiding our decisions to minimize environmental impact and promote eco-friendly practices.
    Sustainability initiatives
    We've enhanced operations by switching to long-lasting, low-power LED lighting, implementing automated shut-off in underutilized areas, promoting car sharing for our Polish operatives to reduce CO2 impact, and maintaining controlled waste streams. Our water usage for mat printing is closely monitored, ensuring wastewater returns as clean as it arrived, under the scrutiny of the Polish government
    Pledges for the year
    Our goals this year are to collect and measure our CO2 consumption using the Green House Gas Protocol scope 1, 2 and 3 channels. Establish a benchmark year and set targets to have annual reduction on how much CO2 we consume to make our mats.
    Sustainable Products
    Turtle Mat
    Turtle mats are made of off 85% recycled cotton and 100% recycled nitrile Rubber
    Dune has 50% recycled content surface and 15% recycled content rubber in the backing
    Revive has 50% recycled content in the pile - all from EU sourced upcycled industrial waste.
    Social equity at your company
    We are actively fostering social equity by prioritizing worker health and safety, upholding worker rights, and ensuring competitive wages and benefits for our team. We have introduced a new Code of Ethics policy.
    Certified sustainable products by third party

    Certified by
    Oekotex ISO 9001 Quality Assured and ISO 14001 Environmentally Assured - external audit companies verify this
    Our packaging is plastic free
    Our packaging is made with recycled content
    Packaging - all UK products are shipped in plastic free packaging. The carton has recycled content, the sticky tape to seal cartons is paper . All packaging including tape can be recycled.
    We have products made from recycled materials
    Our products are plastic free
    We have products made from sustainability sourced raw materials
    Sorting, storing and shipping back to supplier for reuse, cardboard cores, used for some of the raw materials: rubber rolls, yarn bobbins. Starting the recycle project for pure, cured rubber to be used again, in recycled content raw material: 15% recycled content rubber
    Ethical Considerations
    Fair wages are paid to the people who make our products
    Our products are made by people employed in good working conditions
    We have an ethical policy
    The fundamental of the Kleen-Tex business and strategy is to conduct business in a responsible manner in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility. Kleen-Tex is committed to minimize the impact on the environment, improve management systems, conduct an open dialogue with the local community, and care for the safety of employees and company property. Compliance with the Law Kleen-Tex applies in all areas of its activity to laws, regulations, and other applicable provisions of national laws wherever we do business. We comply with industry regulations, international laws, and local regulations. We comply with decisions issued by authorized offices operating at the national, regional and local levels.
    Enviromental Impact
    We have a sustainability policy
    We consider the environmental impact when creating our products
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are energy efficient
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are water efficient
    All products launched since 2022 have some recycled content raw materials. 88% of manufacturing waste is currently recycled or reused, in Kleen-Tex.
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    wash+dry By Kleen-Tex
    A fashionable doormat and rug Collection made in Europe! Discover how to make more of your floor!

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