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Hello, we are a pop-up art company - Kiriori from Germany. Kiri stands for Kirigami. Ori stands for Origami. Kiriori is a combination of Kirigami and Origami paper art. Our team with dynamic young people is highly qualified, experienced, creative and enthusiastic.

Located in the heart of Europe, our designers are absorbing with the local arts, culture, history combining with Japanese paper art, we created interesting collections. Something new but familiar with the local people.

Our mission is to work happily, bringing joy and happiness to people on over the world by paper art.

Kiriori’s products are not just products, but expressions of love and appreciation. It is our pleasure to create a memorable experience for everyone who receives our artworks. Something new but familiar, something reminds you of your beautiful memories, of your loved ones or simply just lightens up your mood whenever you see it.

We believe in sustainable thinking in doing business. Our production is connected with responsibility, creativity and resourcefulness. We use environmentally friendly processes and materials for our products, ensuring that we leave a minimal carbon footprint which sets us apart from other manufacturers.

We currently are able to provide more than 2 million cards per year with hundreds of skilled workers and modern production lines that enable us to meet our clients’ demands. We are currently expanding to increase our capacity to 5 million cards per year in 2025.

We do not focus on as much as designs as possible but rather high quality and highly creative designs that promise you the best experience as a seller or a consumer.

We believe in providing excellent customer service and our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. From the initial consultation to delivery, we will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your final product.




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