Spring Fair - 3-7 FEBRUARY 2019 - VOLUME OPENS 2 FEB


Ian Snow Ltd

Hall: Hall 20 & 19 Stand: 20G40-H41
  • Living, Accents & Décor
  • Him
  • Her
  • Couples
  • The Family
  • Home Furniture
  • Tableware
  • £20 - £49
  • Gift of the Year Awards
  • Home Décor
  • Housewares
  • Wholesale
  • Home Textile & Soft Furnishing
  • £100 - £249
  • £250 - £499
  • £50 - £99
  • £500 - £999
  • Kitchenware
  • £1000 - £2999
  • £0 - £19
  • Yes

We’re a place of discovery for bold, irrepressible individuals.

For decades, we’ve helped creative people find remarkable pieces from around the world. Handmade, ethically produced, and utterly unmistakable.

Behind every piece there’s a real person, carefully preserving a tradition for the future. We can’t wait to share their stories with you.


Hill Farm
EX38 7HQ
United Kingdom



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  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    It's at the forefront of everything we do and every decision we make.
    Sustainability initiatives
    We went plastic free in January 2019, it's still filtering out of our products and packaging but nothing new is coming in packaged (unless breakable) and all products have gone through vigorous research to swap any traces of plastic for alternatives. For example, we swap acrylic thread to wool, plastic zips to metal. We also use a lot of recycled, upcycled and vintage materials in our production. We are also are planting another 3500 trees in the summer.
    Pledges for the year
    Our goal in 2020 is to use predominantly recycled cotton as opposed to virgin cotton.
    Sustainable Products
    Tiva Rug Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
    A colourful rug, super stylish, hard wearing and made from post consumer waste.
    Chindi Swing Chair
    Made from colourful upcycled cotton, a fun chair, aesthetically pleasing and made using age old traditional hand crafts.
    Bamboo Straws
    A great alternative to single use plastic or paper straws, our bamboo straws come in a bag with a brush and can be used over and over again.
    Social equity at your company
    We have strict guidelines for sourcing and comply to the 10 rules of fair trade, we've worked with many of our suppliers for over 30 years and regularly audit each factory we work with. You can find more information about our commitment to fairtrade on our website. https://www.iansnow.com/pages/what-it-means-to-be-fair-trade
    Our packaging is plastic free
    All products are now arriving into our warehouse naked! The only exception being breakable items (but we are working on alternatives for this) We still have some old items in stock that have plastic packaging, but once they're gone, they're gone.
    We have products made from recycled materials
    Our products are made from upcycled materials
    Our products are plastic free
    We have created products that provide an alternative to single use plastic
    We have products made from sustainability sourced raw materials
    We have hundreds of products made from recycled materials and upcycled materials. We also have hundreds of plastic free products and have discontinued items which contain acrylic/sequins/glitter. We also have items made from sustainably sourced raw materials, such as jute and bamboo.
    Ethical Considerations
    Fair wages are paid to the people who make our products
    Our products are made by people employed in good working conditions
    We have mapped our entire supply chain
    We challenge our suppliers to report any ethical issues they identify
    We have an ethical policy
    Within the workplace where our products are made there is commitment to Non-Discrimination Gender Equality and Freedom of Association
    Enviromental Impact
    We have a sustainability policy
    We consider the environmental impact when creating our products
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are energy efficient
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are water efficient
    We are actually very likely to be carbon neutral now but don't have the certifacte in place yet, but boy have a lot of trees been planted this year.. I think we are at about 8000, with another 3500 on the way as part of our black Friday forest! We have a VERY strict sustainability policy.
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