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Hanlin Limited is a major UK wholesaler of quality Cow hides, Reindeer hides, New Zealand & Australian Sheepskins, Icelandic Sheepskin rugs and accessories. Since starting out in 1975, our family business has become the first choice for countless companies. We pride ourselves in searching the world for the finest of eco friendly products, working closely with major tanners who produce to the highest standards.


West Midlands
United Kingdom



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  • Our range of cowhide rugs are a bi-product of the South American meat industry where instead of going to waste, cowhides are tanned and preserved with the hair on, showcasing their spectacular unique ...
  • Soft long wool fibres with exceptional strength and durability provide a strong statement and a luxuriously soft touch. Sourced from sheep pastured on the grasslands of New Zealand and southern Austra ...
  • The Icelandic sheep are well suited to the country and the harsh weather conditions. They spend most of their days during the Spring and Summer months roaming freely around the countryside where they ...
  • These rugs can be used as wall decorations and floor coverings either inside or outside the home. Each skin is unique with luxurious markings and super soft fur. Reindeer herders originate from the Sa ...
  • The accessories derived from animal products we stock aren’t just about practicality, they’re about what’s currently trending and give you both the warmth and durability of a premium product, and maki ...
  • Tibetan Lambskins are super soft and stylish, while also being hypoallergenic with a natural resistance of dirt, grease and odour. In a selection of shades, they are unique in appearance and are versa ...
  • Premium Scandi Reindeer - Medium Usually £73.00 - 20% show discount Now £58.40
  • Sheepskin - Sexto Vole

    04 Feb 2024 Hanlin Ltd
    Sexto Sheepskin in Vole Usually £132.00 - 20% show discount Now £105.60
  • Sheepskin - Double Rust

    04 Feb 2024 Hanlin Ltd
    Sheepskin - Double Rust Usually £44.00 - 20% show discount Now £35.20  
  • Sheepskin - Single Oyster (small)

    04 Feb 2024 Hanlin Ltd
    Single Oyster Sheepskin - small Usually - £15.95 - 20% show discount Now £12.76
  • Printed & Metallic Cowhides

    04 Feb 2024 Hanlin Ltd
    Metallic & Printed Cowhides 2-3M normally £100 - 20% show discount Now £80 3-5M normally £125 - 20% show discount Now £100

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