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Established in 1809, Denby has been making pottery in the heart of the English countryside for over 200 years. Using its locally sourced clay, Denby has a rich heritage of creating ceramics and homeware built up over many generations by skilled craftspeople. By carefully observing needs and real lives, Denby creates products with purpose and soul. The versatile ceramic pieces are a sustainable, conscious interiors choice and inspiration for the home, the kitchen and the table which is truly styled by life.


Denby Pottery,
United Kingdom



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  • James has always had a passion for great quality ingredients and simple honest recipes, and when combined with Denby’s 200 years of ceramic experience, this passion and expertise ensures James Martin ...
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  • Denby Modus is inspired by the ‘Minimalist Lux’ trend, which takes minimalist style and adds a sleek, functional edge. The Modus range has been designed to showcase Denby's wide mix of ceramic craftin ...
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  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    Denby has employed an Environmental Officer for some years whose role is to constantly monitor Denby’s impact on the environment. As an integral part of Denby’s business structure it has an Environmental Management System to monitor its processes and is one of the few potteries to be ISO 14001 accredited which it achieved in 2015. This long held regard for the environment resulted in Denby being the first pottery to be able to claim zero to landfill on all its process waste.
    Sustainability initiatives
    - Denby’s waste clay from shaping beautiful and durable pottery is recycled within the process. - We make all our moulds from plaster of Paris. These are responsibly recycled into aggregate along with waste ceramics that don’t make it through our inspection process. - Through our production process every year we recycle over 100,000 litres of glaze during the glazing process. That’s enough to glaze nearly 1 million pots. - We have our own water treatment plant and each year we purify and return to the water cycle 20 million litres of process water. - Our energy consumption is industry leading and at least 15% lower than targets set and Denby is continually installing energy saving lighting systems and optimising the gas usage in our kilns. - We are increasingly using shredded waste from our recycled cardboard to create box-fill packing. A high proportion of Denby is sold without packaging but for gift packaging that is requested by customers, it is recyclable.
    Pledges for the year
    Denby is undertaking a number of big projects to look into ways to reduce the use of plastic.
    Sustainable Products
    Modus & Impression
    Denby's new Modus and Impression collections are produced from stoneware clay which is extracted locally to Denby with minimal transport costs. Land is then landscaped and returned to pasture. Excess clay and glaze from the process of creating Denby ceramics is collected and reused. No process waste is sent to landfill and is either for reuse or to recycle. Denby products are is versatile and its quality is renown.
    Social equity at your company
    Denby employs a Group Health & Safety Manager who monitors all aspects of the company's activities from production processes to its visitor experience to highlight and ensure immediate action on any safety or health concerns. Denby works with the community to engage in environmental issues and has recently received a 'River-Friendly Business Award' run by charity Trent Rivers Trust (backed by the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water), the accreditation scheme awards businesses who work to improve their local water environment. Denby works on an educational basis with universities and schools and has a charity committee to organise fund raising events for the company's nominated charity. Denby is fully compliant with government initiatives for workers rights and has a permanent union presence on site who can step in as an intermediary if and when required.
    Our packaging is plastic free
    Our packaging is compostable
    Where possible Denby is supplied without individual packaging but where there is gift packaging for new Modus and Impression, it is compostable.
    Our products are plastic free
    We have created products that provide an alternative to single use plastic
    Denby's raw materials are clay and glaze which aren't made from plastic. As an integral part of the creation of a new products at Denby the Environmental Management System monitors its process to ensure environmental standards are maintained. Denby is durable and often used for outside entertaining in place of plastic cups and plates.
    Ethical Considerations
    Fair wages are paid to the people who make our products
    Our products are made by people employed in good working conditions
    We have mapped our entire supply chain
    We challenge our suppliers to report any ethical issues they identify
    We have an ethical policy
    Within the workplace where our products are made there is commitment to Non-Discrimination Gender Equality and Freedom of Association
    Denby has an Human Resources Team and Health & Safety Manager who ensures good conditions in the workplace and ethical standards are upheld - any issues are identified and addressed. Denby's report on Gender Equality is shown on the website.
    Enviromental Impact
    We have a sustainability policy
    We consider the environmental impact when creating our products
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are energy efficient
    Some of the processes we use to manufacture products are water efficient
    All new Denby collections are subject to its Environmental Management System to monitor its processes to ensure it meets Denby's sustainability policy and creates no process waste for landfill. Denby has its own water treatment plant to ensure not only the efficient use of water but purifies and returns it to the water cycle.
  • Impression

    22 Jan 2020 Linda Salt
    Designed with purpose and style on simple shapes in gentle muted colours that effortlessly mix and match.  
  • Modus

    22 Jan 2020 Linda Salt
    Denby Modus is Denby's major ceramics launch for 2020. Inspired by the 'Minimalist Lux' trend, Denby takes minimal style and adds a sleek, functional edge. 
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