CNG Florist Sundries LTD

Stand: 5E35
  • Christmas, Festive & Floral

CNG Florist Sundries Ltd, a proudly family-run business, boasts two decades of expertise in providing online floristry supplies. In 2019, we expanded our offerings to include packaging printing, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to serving our customers comprehensively.

Our printing services now encompass a diverse selection of printed florist cellophane and kraft paper, available in various rolls and sheets. For those seeking a personalized touch, we also offer custom designs tailored to individual preferences. This expansion aligns with our overarching goal of not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations.

Despite our growth, we remain dedicated to our core values as a small family-run business. Our primary aim is to deliver the best prices and service to our valued customers, ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience with us.

Our extensive range of printed florist cellophane and kraft paper covers designs for all seasons, and we take pride in offering a variety of options available off the shelf. Moreover, we understand the dynamic nature of the floral industry, and thus, we consistently update and expand our collection. New designs are regularly introduced to keep pace with the evolving trends and fashions within the industry.


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